Prologue:A New Beginning

Good morning, internet. This is the start of something awesome.  I started a journey to better myself almost two months ago now, and have received a  few compliments that I’ve helped inspire some friends.  That came as something of a shock to me, as I’ve never been a role model, but I’m just glad to help.


So, the inspiration struck to document this journey to a better life, and I’ve always liked helping people, and writing, the only thing missing was a name. I started hash tagging my fitness pics on Instagram  (Reel_Geeks_Guide) as #fitnessgeek. It turned out there was already a guy using that name on Facebook, though I doubt his geek cred.

Inspiration struck further still a little while ago in the shower,  my own personal bat flying through my window,  ReelGeeksGuide. Com, if it wasn’t a thing yet, which it obviously wasn’t,  so here we are.

I wanted a place where people of all levels, the geeks, the freaks,  anyone who wants to better themselves can come for some entertainment and inspiration.  I’ll tell you my stories, you tell me yours, and together we’ll figure out how to be the best versions of ourselves we can be.


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