Reel Geek Origins


Good morning once again fair readers.  I figure it’s only appropriate in writing this new blog that I fill you in as to why I’m even writing a geek fitness/lifestyle blog anyway, where are my credentials.   Well on the fitness side, I don’t really have any.  I’m just an ordinary geek like you, who just decided to turn my life around one day and so far it’s been getting better, as have I, every day.  I don’t have a fancy gym membership, or even a not fancy gym membership, just a small kind of crappy gym in my apartment complex and a decent pair of running shoes, and a lot of willpower and dedication.   But I’ll tell you that story in a minute.

As far as the geek cred goes, let’s just say my fate was sealed when my first memory was seeing Return of the Jedi, opening day, back in May of 1983, when I was 3 years old.  I grew up in the prime decade for great geek things, the 80s,  Transformers, GI Joe, Voltron, Robotech, The Goonies, Ghostbusters…all that stuff.  That also dates me a bit, but I don’t care, it was a fantastic time to be a kid.


mike keskeys before


This was me before, a few years ago, but I this is about the same level where I was at fitness wise, as in not so much.  Not fat fat, but not like particulary fit either.  And at the time I was perfectly content to live that way.   It was of course, until a girl came into my life.


Met her at a Star Wars trivia game at Dave and Buster’s, and I was hooked instantly, beautiful, smart, and as much, no, I take that back, more of a Star Wars geek than I was.  We clicked instantly, but as it turned out there was a boyfriend in the picture.   So I moved on, we stayed friends though, and ended up dating a few months later, just in time for the release date of Star Wars Episode 7.   We had a great month together, it was like a dream, being with someone who not only was beautiful, but I could be me around, which is to say a total geek.  She wanted to see my comic collection, and that was a turn on.  That doesn’t happen in real life, but it did.  But things started to fall apart soon after.  It didn’t help that I was a smoker of 18 years.  Even trying to brush my teeth and chew gum, changing clothes before I saw her didn’t help.  It was a definite problem in our relationship.  The other problem was, well it was me, I have an addictive personality, when I get into things I get into things, relationships included.  It got to the point where I became clingy, and it’s definitely not an attractive look.


It could have been any number of those things, but one day towards the end of January, she comes over and says to me whatever spark she once had for me it was gone, just like that.  I was devastated, to feel like I finally found my match, after years  of searching, and thinking that women like that are a myth made up by bad writers,  and it was just over.

I of course turned to my only comfort in times as dark as that, alcohol, and chain smoking.  It turned out that some new level of maturity hit me that neither of those things was actually helping me feel any better.  It certainly wasn’t filling that void in my soul.

So, after a weekend of that, I made the decision that I was going to turn my life around, and re-dedicated myself to a workout routine, 3 days a week I figured was good.  So, I ran a bit on the treadmill, then Monday was chest day, Tuesday was back and shoulders, and Wednesday was arms.    It wasn’t enough of course, but it’s a good initial plan, like 12% of a plan.

By Wednesday I realized that I couldn’t get anywhere doing things like this and still smoking, so I smoked my last cigarette, and got some nicotine patches.  By the next week I was able to actually run again,  doing a mile in short gaps of walking then running.  And things were slowly forming together.  After that it hit me, what if I started actually eating right, what could I do then?

So, my next time grocery shopping, I got all low calorie options, some vegetables, some grapes to snack on, a healthy cereal, Lean Cuisines, all that stuff.  And actually spent less on that then I did when I was buying junk food.  Go figure.

So, the next step of my journey was complete.  I started cooking a chicken breast for dinner every night, along with either a salad or microwaved vegetable of some kind.  (My personal favorite was the Bird’s Eye Buffalo flavored Cauliflower, so good)  I’d Mcguyver up some kind of seasonings with it from the spice rack, Lemon Pepper and Cayenne was a particularly good choice.    And I was on my way to the path of awesomeness.  I bought a scale, and saw that I’d gone down from 220 to a about 215 or so, and I knew I was on the right track.

A few weeks after all that, came the day that my ex had mentioned to me was going to be a thing, we’d go on a try out date to see Deadpool,  as we’d already had plans to see it before things fell apart anyway, to see if things could work out between us.  The date was great (as was the movie, go see it if you haven’t), but in the end, she said things were still as they were a few weeks ago, my recent changes weren’t enough to lower the red flags from earlier, and that was that.

Second heartbreak even worse than the first.  I couldn’t sleep that night, well barely.  I was up at 4 am, and did the only thing I could do to make me feel anything other than empty.  I ran.  I ran so far away…no wait that’s a Flock of Seagulls song.  But I did run, longer and farther than I had previously.  From my apartment to the Wal-Mart Supermarket parking lot, like a mile away.

I felt great, accomplished, some good had come out of this pain.  So I shared my distance calculated by my Google Fit app on Instagram, and it got a few likes, and I started to see the pieces come together.

That became my new addiction, running, 4-5 am, five days a week, I’m out there, getting better every day.  I also added in a core workout for Thursday, and a circuit training session for Friday I read about in an issue of Men’s Health.      And just like that, the routine was complete, and I went from that, to this.


mike keskeys after


Not that much different, a little slimmer, 6 pounds lighter, and a pants size smaller, but you can see the change.  I’m only just getting started too.  As I said on Instagram yesterday, No supplements, No substitutions, just Maximum Effort.   That’s all I do, and I’m still working on improving myself. My journey’s not over, it’s only Chapter 1.   Welcome, we’ve got a lot of work to do, so Allons-Y, and let’s get dangerous.



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