In Defense Of: Spider-Man’s costume in Captain America:Civil War


So, by now I’m sure you’ve seen the new and final(?) trailer for Captain America:Civil War, and if you haven’t you’ve seen the plethora of internet memes about one very key scene in the movie.   That’s right, I’m talking about our first very brief look at Marvel’s/Sony’s new Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland.   Here’s the pic, if you’ve missed it, or just want to see it again, because it looks really cool.  Like a Steve Ditko drawing come to life.




Here’s an actual Steve Ditko drawn Spider-Man just for comparison’s sake.



Some tweaks there, but basically, that’s the closest Spidey we’ve gotten from page to screen without things changing too drastically. I really like the emphasis on the black around the eyes when they change, that made me geek out just as much as seeing the new Spidey in and of itself.  Its funny how after almost 20 years of consistent comic book movies getting released we’re slowly getting to where superhero costumes can be brought to the screen without things getting campy.  Now, some things just wouldn’t work on the screen, like Electro’s  green suit with the starfish mask, that’d be silly.  But we’re past the days of black leather everything, well mostly.  (I’m looking at you Bryan Singer, though it seems even he’s leaning off of that a little from what we’ve seen of X-Men:Apocalypse)


And still, people, supposed fans of this character, they, who, like me, have been waiting years to see Spider-Man be integrated into a movie with other Marvel characters, the first thing they do is complain about it.   He looks like a video game, he’s too cheesy looking, he sounds too young.    And much more internet crap talking and such, why?  Other than it’s the internet it’s what we do.

First thing I’d like to point out, that hasn’t gotten that much talk online, is his mask’s eyes.  They can change size to give across emotions like they do in the comic books, (with a whirring sound, I’m told, like a mechanical thing is doing that, unlike when it happens in Deadpool, so I’m thinking Stark may have a hand in this costume design’s extra bells and whistles)  This to me is the thing that has me most excited about the new suit.

For so long in superhero movies, the Spider-Man movies are most guilty of this happening, at multiple points in the movie, especially in the climax of the thing, the hero will take of his mask, and it stays off, or partially off, for the big fight.  This was so that the audience could see the emotions, (and marketable face) that the studio put a lot of money into getting out there, despite the fact that this rarely happens in the comics, because it defeats the purpose of being a costumed hero in the first place if you’re going to take off your mask at first opportunity.


It did help that that Deadpool is a wacky type character, and the eyes changing is just an aspect of his character, but that’s how it works in the comics, people wear masks for a reason, mostly to protect their friends and loved ones from repercussions from villains and things, but also because it looks cool.  We came to see Spider-Man, or Batman, that’s why they have the names in the titles.  It’s not Clark Kent vs Bruce Wayne we’re looking forward to next week.    The only movie I’d be okay with it just being about the identity and not the superhero is a Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark movie, which I guess in retrospect they did, but it was marketed as Iron Man 3.   If they called it Tony Stark I might have liked it a little more.

But now, hopefully, theoretically, we can get a Spider-Man movie where he’s Peter Parker when he needs to be, but when he’s Spider-Man he’s freaking Spider-Man, and let the eyes in the mask change to show his emotions, and his body language, not him removing the mask in the fight at the end for no reason.

Also, side note, I really hope that they found the right balance this time out.  With Tobey Maguire, we had a great Peter Parker, but a silent Spider-Man who had a few wisecracks here and there.   With Andrew Garfield, his Peter Parker could have used some work, but in just his first scene in the suit in The Amazing Spider-Man, he captured the essence of who and what Spider-Man his better than Tobey did in 3 movies.  If we can get a good Peter Parker, and a good Spider-Man, I’ll be happy.

The other aspect that people have been complaining about, his voice.  In this movie, he’s supposed to be a teenager, so he’s going to sound young.  What do you want, a gruff, Christian Bale as Batman voice coming out of the mask?   He sounds like he should.  I’m really hoping that third time is the charm, and his Spider-Man does well enough that we can get out of the high school setting in the movies, a setting where his stories only took place during the first couple years of the book being published, yet Marvel assumes everyone associates Spider-Man with teenager for whatever reason.


And far as the costume itself, look at it, it really looks like, bells and whistles aside, that it was made by an untrained teenager.  You’re telling me that either of these other ones..



Do either of those look like they were designed by anyone other than professional studio costume designers?  No, they don’t.  They look equally cool, but clearly professional, and not by a teenage kid.   Now let’s look at our new Spider-Man again.


That looks like, mask changing aside, that it was designed at home on a sewing machine.  It’s weird though, it never bothered me up til now that the costumes in previous movies looked costumes from movies, but in this case I’m making a deal about it (not a big deal, just a deal) but it rings true to who the character is.

This is all from just a few seconds more of footage though then what’s in that .gif , he could suck in the role, when we see him in the actual movie in a  few months, and this will have been a grossly misinformed article, and the internet haters would have been right all along, but by this point Marvel seems to know what they’re doing when it comes to casting.


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