In Defense of: Hydra Cap





It was the phrase heard round the world, Captain America, beloved cultural icon of the past 75 years, uttering the phrase “Hail Hydra” after seemingly killing one of his associates, and a flashback to his childhood revealing that all along he’d been working for the quasi Nazi organization, despite fighting the good fight against it for however long it’s been in Marvel time for him since he got thawed out.     And thus, earning the ire of everyone on the internet it seems, including a lot of people who’ve never read a Captain America comic in their lives but kind of think the movies are cool, are upset by this revelation.  It’s akin to Hulk Hogan joining the NWO,  Stone Cold shaking Vince Mcmahon’s hand, or Benedict Arnold joining the British, for a non pro wrestling metaphor.

And everyone and their mother has an opinion about this, mostly stemming from the press interview the writer and editor of the book have done, which mostly says “this isn’t a hoax, this isn’t a dream, this is the real deal Steve Rogers you see in that issue”.   But from what all I can see online is, this extra stuff, that he’s been really working with Hydra all along, and has played the world for the better part of 75 years…I didn’t get that from reading the issue.

I won’t spoil it here, but I saw nothing really in that issue that says any of that, I see him do one maybe villainous thing (kills a guy, but we don’t see a body, so rule one in comic book logic, no body means not dead) and says the phrase ‘Hail Hydra’, but that’s it.  That’s all we know about what’s going on here is those two things, that and a flashback from his childhood, but nothing in that says specifically that he himself is a villain.


Marvel is clearly getting their money out of this though, with all the talk surrounding this issue, and people will likely be rabidly awaiting the next one to see how this whole thing pays off, aside from the ones that are ‘boycotting’ Marvel after this issue, saying they’ll never read a Marvel book again, and I’m sure that some of those same people complaining…have yet to actually read a Marvel comic, but that’s a different debate)   I say, it’s a bold move, but let’s see how this plays out before jumping to conclusions here.

For all we know, this is an elaborate triple cross move, and Cap hasn’t turned his back on America.  Or, maybe he’s gone the Hal Jordan in the mid 90’s route, and will play the bad guy for a while, we don’t know, but one thing’s for sure, we’re definitely looking forward to finding out what happens next.


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