Reel Geek Review: Sausage Party


By this point I think Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg can just say, we want to do a movie and they give them money to make whatever pot smoke filled ideas come to mind, much like the people in charge of new food items at Burger King and Taco Bell.  I highly doubt marijuana smoking had nothing to do with the creation of a Doritos taco or Cheetos filled with macaroni and cheese.

So in this highly R rated animated movie, Seth Rogen plays a hot dog named Frank, whom along with all his other food friends in the supermarket, longs to go to the ‘Great Beyond’ where people will take them out of the store and they get to fullfill their purpose in life and also get to have sex with hot dog buns as well apparently, as his girlfriend Brenda is a hot dog bun.  Shenangigans ensue and the two are separated from their packaged friends, and also discover the truth about what happens when food leaves the store, i.e. they get eaten.    There’s also a literal douche as the villain of the story played by Nick Kroll (The League, Parks and Rec, where he also played a character called The Douche btw)  and some slight social commentary but this movie is pretty simple,  and that’s okay.

This movie is pretty much Seth Rogen and all his friends doing a raunchy R rated animated comedy because they can, and I had a lot of fun with this movie.  Nothing ground breaking here, but sometimes it is possible for a movie to just be fun and have that be okay.      Four out of Five stars ****



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