Reel Geek Food Reviews: Local Spotlight: Sweet Mama Teez

Photo from my girlfriend’s Instagram of the Funnel Cakes we had the other night.  I had the Oreo Explosion, she had the Strawberries and Cream.


One of my favorite parts of summertime, aside from the big dumb blockbuster movies, and baseball, is carnival food.  You know the type, things that are deep fried that normally aren’t,  Flavored Ice, and of course, the Funnel Cake.  Unfortunately though, carnivals are a temporary thing, and it’s a little pricey to go to a theme park (the only other real place you can get a funnel cake on a regular basis).  So what do you do when you have the craving?

Well, if you’re in the Tidewater area of Virginia, you can go to Sweet Mama Teez, in Hampton.    If not for the brightly colored shack you might just pass it by as you’re driving through, but that would be a mistake.  Inside this tiny shack and van in the parking lot is the answer to your sweet tooth that’s craving funnel cake.   And not just your standard funnel cake either.   Here I was introduced to the world of specialty funnel cake, different topping combinations of just about everything sweet you could think of.   There’s Oreo Explosion funnel cake, Banana Pudding funnel cake, Strawberries and Cream funnel cake, and that’s just the tip of the funnel cake iceberg.

In addition to the varieties of funnel cake, you can also get deep fried Oreos, and a Water Ice so good it’s like you’re back in Philadelphia.  If you haven’t been, it’s not your typical Italian ice, just shaved ice covered in syrup, it’s something unto itself that you really must try for yourself.

Also if you’re hungry for more than just dessert, they do serve Cheesesteaks, Gyros, and more, so you really could have a whole meal here.  It’s a fun summertime atmosphere too, with beach chairs set up out front, and a monitor showing fun music videos, it’s a great place to take a date.    Fall’s creeping up around the corner, so if you’re in the area or traveling to it soon, I’d suggest stopping by Sweet Mama Teez soon to get your taste of summer.

Sweet Mama Teez is located on 908 West Pembroke Avenue Hampton, Virginia 23669



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