Reel Geek Review: Spider Woman vol. 6 (vol.1)


Spider Woman has had quite an interesting history over the years, starting off as a “We better make a character called this before a rival company does to keep the copyright” character in the real world, to having one of the most convoluted origin stories in all of comic book history (seriously, look it up sometime), to being a retired superhero, to a private investigator, to being replaced by a Skrull for a few years to… well, like I said, it’s been quite an interesting road for Jessica Drew.

And that road continues to be further interesting still in the latest collection, collecting the first 5 issues of the latest reboot in the post Secret Wars Marvel Universe from writer Dennis Hopeless (Avengers Arena) and artist Javier Rodriguez (Axis:Hobgoblin)   It starts out, and she’s 9 months pregnant, and still doing the superhero thing, along with investigative reporter Ben Urich, and a reformed D-List supervillain, The Porcupine.  The story moves into high gear when her best friend Carol “Capt. Marvel” Danvers gets her an appointment at the best labor and delivery ward in the galaxy, literally, which gets taken over by a group of Skrulls.

I’ve never really read too much of the character before, just been familiar with her exploits via other characters books, and her appearances on various Avengers teams over the years.  But needless to say, this book made me a Jessica Drew fan.  Smart, funny, and a total badass even while being the only superhero who’s also super pregnant, she’s a hero for 2016 for sure.   Both the writing by Dennis Hopeless and the art by Javier Rodriguez are both top notch, and I loved the use of Rodriguez’ use of the medium of comic book panel art to making it something else.  It really is comic book art.


The pregnant superhero storyline wraps up in this volume, which I was a little surprised by, but not really surprised, since that’s kind of a hard concept to really keep going, look forward to seeing how the series  develops as new parent/veteran superhero is a new ish concept.


I highly recommend this book for anyone, even if you’re only passingly into comics thanks to the copius amounts of superhero action there are between movies and tv and such, this is a highly accessible series to get into, smart writing, fast and fun action, and a good time to be had by all.


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