Reel Geek Review: All New Inhumans vol. 1 Global Outreach




As of late Marvel’s mutants that they own the film and tv rights to have been getting a bigger push in the comics than they have in their entire 51 year history.  I’m assuming this has a lot to do with the fact that Marvel owns the rights to the characters like I said, and they have been getting a lot of tv time, the past two seasons of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have been very Inhuman-centric, with rumors still pointing towards a movie at some point in Marvel’s busy film schedule.  Which I’d be totally cool with by the way, I’ve always like the characters, so I’m glad that they’re getting a huge push from the company, with two distinct Inhumans books on the shelves, and a potentially X-Men series ending crossover event later on this year or next year.  The latter of which I’d be sad if they did, as I’ve been a lifelong X fan, but we’ll see what they do.  After all, in comics, nothing is ever permanent.


But anyways, today I’m here talking about the first story arc of the new All New Inhumans title, entitled Global Outreach.   To set this up, and a lot of other things in the Marvel Universe, a while back, the ruler of the Inhumans,  Blackagon Boltagon, or Black Bolt for short (seriously, that’s his secret identity…I’m not sure what they were on when they were coming up with these characters in the 60s but it must have been good.)  set off a few Terrigen bombs around the world, releasing clouds of this Terrigen mist, which is the substance that turns people from normal humans to…dun dun dun…Inhumans.      Also, this cloud has effectively sterilized the mutant population in Marvel (a.k.a. Marvel isn’t making any more mutant characters again because they can’t make money off of them movie or tv wise)  but that’s background info for another story.

So because of this, the Inhumans have become a hot topic of debate in Earth 616 (The Marvel Earth, for those newcomers)  and their population has grown by a lot, so there are now two teams that deal with Inhuman/normal people relations, this book follows one of them, led by Crystal, along with Inhumans mainstays Gorgon and Lockjaw, along with a new cast of characters.

“As the Terrigen Clouds continue to spread across the world, they leave in their wake the ruined lives of the Inhumanized. Now Crystal – Inhuman princess and former elemental Avenger – leads her own team tasked to help as many of these NuHumans as possible. But Medusa’s sister has her work cut out for her. After all, the reactions of the newly super-powered vary wildly -from fear to amazement to outright anger. Then there are the mysterious Skyspears that recently crashed into the Earth, making life even more complicated. But worst of all, there’s a dictator hell-bent on turning Inhumans into weapons of mass destruction. As Crystal’s team comes together, she’d best hope that Gorgon’s training pays off, or they won’t all make it out of their first mission alive!”  Plot summary taken from the Amazon listing.

I really enjoyed this first story arc, I’m also thankful for the Marvel Unlimited App, with which I’ve been reading and re-reading in some cases the old Marvel books, making my way through the history of the Marvel Universe, a year later and I’m in the mid 70’s, great stuff.  I bring that up because one of the plot points in this first story arc takes the All New Inhumans to Sin Cong, a fictional area of Asia in the Marvel Universe first encountered by the Avengers in The Avengers #18,  in a story that I’d have no knowledge of without the app, not that they mention it all.  I really wish they’d bring back footnotes again, reminding readers of issues where things or events took place beforehand.  Because this was a really deep cut of Marvel lore, haven’t seen this place mentioned since that Avengers issue, and yet here we are again.  Was cool for me, but for new readers it’s just a new place for them to go to.

Minor criticisms aside, I really enjoy this book, and I look forward to seeing where the series goes from here.  The writing by Charles Soule (The Mighty Thor) and the art by Stefano Caselli (Avengers:Time Runs Out) is top notch storytelling at it’s finest.  I’ll give it **** 4 out of 5 Stars.


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