Reel Geek’s Guide Needs You!


Well, maybe not for The Foot Clan, but Reel Geeks Guide needs some more writers.  As you’ve been to the site the past few months since founding this little chunk of internet space, here we (I cover) Geek movie news, reviews, commentary,  and whatever else comes off the top of my brain.   But, being geeky isn’t just about what I’m a geek about, there’s whole other subsections of fandoms and fandoms within fandoms that I don’t touch either because it’s not my thing or there’s just too much goodness out there in the universe for me to focus on one more thing to my list of fandoms, so I can’t get to everything, I’m just one man.

But I’m sure out there, somewhere, hopefully someone reading this very page (Hi there, you look great, keep on being awesome.)  is into something that I don’t cover here, be it Video Games, Anime, Cosplay, PC Gaming, Board Gaming, or some other topic that I don’t cover here, and would love to write about it?  Well then hit me up either here, or e-mail me at with a writing sample and maybe you could help me turn Reel Geeks Guide into the best site possible.


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