Breaking Geek News: Jon Favreau To Direct Live Action Lion King Adaptation?


Director Jon Favreau (Iron Man, Chef, The Jungle Book) recently posted this image on Instagram, possibly broadly hinting that his next project will be an adaptation of the Disney classic, The Lion King.

Disney’s been on a roll lately with remaking their classic animated and live action films into new movies for new generations to enjoy, while still maintaining the integrity of the original films and stories.  First with Cinderella, then with Favreau’s The Jungle Book and this summer’s Pete’s Dragon.  To be honest I myself haven’t seen either Cinderella or Pete’s Dragon yet, but they look great, and I’m eagerly awaiting next year’s Beauty and The Beast adaptation.

Jon Favreau has already proved himself countless times as a director, and we now, after earlier this year’s Jungle Book that the man can do a great Disney movie that feels new but also familiar as well, if there’s anybody who can do a new version of The Lion King, that beloved childhood classic for 80’s/90’s kids anywhere, it’s him.


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