Reel Geek’s Food Reviews: Local Spotlight Bodacious Pizza


The Chipotle Sausage Pizza from Bodacious Pizza

One of the rising trends in food service in the past decade has been the food truck.  It’s quick, great food that a lot of times you can’t get anywhere else but the food truck.  It’s so popular, Food Network even has a show, The Great Food Truck Race, which has been on the air for the past 6 years and still going strong.   And there’s a reason why food trucks are great, it gives you a chance to try something different than your usual burger and fries or whatever you were initially going to get for lunch.    Now, I’m by no means a professional food critic, but I am a geek who likes food as much as he does working out, so I know what I’m talking about when it comes to good food.

My college, TCC has even started to have food trucks come to campus twice a week to have an alternative to what’s offered elsewhere on campus, and I’m grateful for that.  Today I had the chance to try  a pizza from the Bodacious Pizza Company, and I’m glad that I turned back around, because let me tell you,  this pizza is phenomenal.

Last time they came around, I tried their calzone, which was pretty great as well, but this pizza is something else.  I tried the Chipotle Sausage Pizza from them, as you can see above, and let me just say this meal made my entire day.

For starters, it’s an artisan style, wood fired pizza, so it’s not your local pizza place’s slice and a soda for $1.50, it’s got a great crisp crust to it, because of that, so right off the bat, or, right at the end, depending on how you eat your pizza, you’re in for a treat.  The chipotle sauce has that nice tang, that kind of spicy but not overwhelming the entire flavor of the meal level of heat that blends good with the sweetness of the sausage.  The sausage they used here had more of a breakfast sausage taste to it, but that’s what made it great to me was that it wasn’t your usual sausage pizza.    And the cheese on this pizza was so melty it was amazing to me as a cheese lover.  It really reminded me cheese  of the pizza in A Goofy Movie.    It’s that good.  Here’s a refresher in case you forgot.


Phenomenal, right?    Great value, that 10 inch pizza right there, only cost me $10.  $1 an inch of amazing pizza, you really can’t beat that.   Looking up on their website they’ve been around for a couple years now, starting in 2014, and you should definitely come out and support them if you’re out in the Tidewater area of Virginia.   I look forward to when they come back next time, and we’ll see if I try something else or just get this pizza again, which I just might do, because it was fantastic.

Any other local food trucks or food spots I should seek out?  Leave  a comment and I’ll do my best to get out there and cover it, try to support some local spots, which really are the best spots to get food at really.   Til next time guys, be sure to Keep It Reel.


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