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Reel Geek Review: WWE Hell in a Cell 2016



Last night’s WWE PPV event, Hell in a Cell, was marked as a special one, as it was the first time that there has ever been a women’s Hell in a Cell match inside that demonic structure.  Not only that,  but it was, to my knowledge, the first time that a women’s match has been the main event of a WWE ppv.  I know NXT has done it on a couple of occasions, but that’s not WWE proper though, so getting technical this is the first time for that.   So, it’s obvious that the women’s Hell in a Cell match was phenomenal, but how was the rest of the card?  Was it better than the episodes of Raw leading up to this, the second Raw only ppv event of the new brand split?     Keep reading, and you’ll see.

So, for starters, I didn’t watch the pre-show, as I watched Hell in a Cell today, just a little while ago, and didn’t want to sit through more show than I had to in case that the show wasn’t that great.   So, this is just going to be covering the show that was advertised, that started at 8 pm yesterday evening.

Match 1:  United States Championship Match: Roman Reigns(C) vs. Rusev (Hell in a Cell Match)

We started our show with what Michael Cole said was to be the first of three main events this evening…I don’t think Michael Cole knows what a main event is, it closes a show, it’s the headlining attraction…not the opening act.  I’m aware that it’s marketing, and likely what Vince told him to say in his ear, but logically, it makes zero sense.   A main event does not start the show..well I guess Smackdown also forgot that logic at No Mercy earlier this month with it’s title match starting off the show.   But, I digress.

The match itself was what you would expect between a match between Rusev and Roman Reigns, a mostly plodding affair, with a few cool spots, and some decent at times back and forth between the two heavyweights.  My main problem with this match, and the leading up to it, was there was no storytelling setting up the match, no vignette recap montage to let those who just tuned in why these guys are fighting.  There was a little bit of setup by the commentary team, but for all intents and purposes the match to me felt like an exhibition match more than a professional wrestling match that was telling us the story of these two men’s battle over the title, which is what really gets me invested in a match, is storytelling.  This is what made me a wrestling fan all those years ago was the storytelling, not the athletics.   I love a great athletic match, but if there’s no storytelling involved, then I’m only half invested, as I was here, where I mostly tuned out except for the bit at the end where Rusev had Reigns in the Accolade with the chain over his mouth, that was pretty great, even if we had seen it before with John Cena a year ago, it still worked. And if a chain is to be Rusev’s signature weapon like the sledgehammer is to Triple H, then I’m cool with it.     All in all, it was a mostly forgettable affair, let’s just hope this storyline is over with at this point.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Match Rating  ** 1/2 stars


Match 2: Dana Brooke vs Bayley

We then go into our second match of the night, Bayley vs Dana Brooke.  Again, no montage/recap, so I wasn’t as invested as I could have been here, but I’d been watching this story develop on Raw the past few weeks, so I was more invested here than I was with the Roman v Rusev stuff.   Great work by Dana Brooke here, they really establish her here as  a force unto herself, and moved her away from being merely Charlotte’s sidekick, I like where this is going.   Bayley turned it around right at the end with a lucky Bayley to Belly suplex,  but Dana Brooke really impressed me this match regardless.

Winner: Bayley

Match Rating *** stars

Match 3: Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs Gallows and Anderson

This story developed rather quickly leading into this match, so to me it felt that most of the setup for the match was done by Enzo and Cass in their opening promo here, which was hilarious.  Calling Gallows and Anderson, Andy and the Big Gal, and this was some hilarious mic work from Enzo and Cass, who, as always can get the crowd behind them and entertained with their shtick, and it’s some great stuff.

The match itself was impressive as well, some good back and forth work by both teams, Cass kind of carried the match a bit for his team, as is the usual case, and Gallows and Anderson picked up the win in the end.  This story is just starting between these two teams and I look forward to seeing where they go with it next.

Winner: Gallows and Anderson

Match Rating:  **** Stars

Match 4:  WWE Universal Championship Match Kevin Owens (C) vs. Seth Rollins (Hell in a Cell Match)

So, now we get to our second main event of the evening, the Universal Title match.  I was excited about seeing this here, as this meant for sure that we’d have Sasha vs. Charlotte closing out the show.  This is one time that I’ll be okay with putting the main title of a show being defended in the midcard in an occasion like this.

The match itself did indeed get a montage in front of it, which helped it’s storytelling setup in my opinion, but the two men in that ring told the story just as well with their actions as well.  It was not as brutal as say, an attitude era Hell in a Cell match, but that’s okay as we don’t need that type of bloody action anymore, but it was still a great PG version of a Hell in a Cell match.  I liked the setup work done as well by Kevin Owens, setting up things with the tables that you just waited to come into play, and when they did, it was a sight to see.

Of course Chris Jericho (Kevin Owens’ best friend) had to get involved with the match as well, costing Rollins the title in the end, and then further cementing his heel status by giving a Code Breaker finishing move to Seth Rollins as the match was over, just in case people were going to wonder if they were going to turn Jericho to a good guy since he’s been getting over with the crowd with his “List of Jericho”.    It may still happen, but they still want us to wait for…………….it.    Him and KO have been the most entertaining things on Raw not named The New Day or Enzo and Cass in recent weeks, and I look forward to seeing where this storyline goes.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Match Rating ***** Stars

Match 5: Cruiserweight Title Match: TJ Perkins (C) vs. Brian Kendrick

I’ve been a huge fan of them bringing back the Cruiserweight division on Raw, and for the most part it’s been successful.  I’ve liked that they’ve eased into more storytelling than the initial exhibition style of matches that we saw in the championship and in it’s early beginnings not long ago, and the main story that’s been told is that of this title match rivalry between Brian Kendrick and TJ Perkins.

I’ve been onboard with this, but it seems that the story only has so much going for it, as they just kind of repeat the same segments over and over again in the backstage stuff, and that is Brian Kendrick as TJ’s mentor when he was starting out wrestling on the indies back in the day, and they used to be great friends, but now Kendrick’s kind of shady and will do whatever it takes to get that title back.  It’s cliched stuff we’ve seen a billion times before, and the quality of the matches are good, the story they’re telling isn’t as good, not as deep as it could go.

The match itself was really great, but this shallow storytelling kind of holds things back for me as a fan.  In the end Kendrick wins with the trope of feigning an injury to distract his former friend into being able to beat him.  Kind of saw it coming, but was an okay way to keep this story moving forward.  They need better writers in this division though.

Winner: Brian Kendrick

Match Rating: ****

Match 6: Raw Tag Team Title Match The New Day (C) vs. Sheamus and Cesaro

I’m still not entirely convinced why putting Sheamus and Cesaro as a Tag Team was a good idea,  but here we are nonetheless.   I’m a fan of both teams,  but there’s only so much that can be done with a team that was just put together a month or two back,   New Day were entertaining in their opening promo, but it felt forced, cheap pops, etc.  I’m hoping that Anderson and Gallows get another shot and take the titles from them soon.  They’re starting to wear the New Day shtick thin, and I say this as a fan.

Match itself was okay, nothing memorable really here, and New Day retains the titles via disqualification.


Winner: New Day

Match Rating: ***

Match 7: Raw Women’s Championship Match Sasha Banks (C) vs. Charlotte (Hell in a Cell match)

And now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  These two, Sasha and Charlotte, are basically the women’s version of the Stone Cold and The Rock.  Two women who just happen to be the best at what they do, who came up around the same time.  The matches these two have put on over the past few years both on NXT and on the main roster have been the stuff of legend.  And this is why they are the main event tonight.

The match almost didn’t get started, as Charlotte quickly attacked Sasha, throwing her out of the ring as the cage was being lowered.  This gave them the opportunity to battle on the outside a bit, throwing each other into the crowd and onto the announce table, and even attempting to climb the cage Mick Foley and Undertaker style.  It didn’t get to quite that level, as Charlotte powerbombed Sasha to the floor from just a bit up, but this still damaged her back and the match (storyline wise) almost couldn’t go on, taking a play from the Mick Foley handbook.

Charlotte was nearly declared the winner by default, but Sasha fought her way off the stretcher and back into the ring to start the match proper.  And from there we had one of the best matches I’ve seen on Raw, women or men, in a long time.  The risks and the lengths these two put each other through…just amazing.   This match made the show in my book.  And even if these two never fight each other again, it was a hell of a way to cap off a rivalry.  But they’re still young, yet, we’ll see these two go at it again sooner or later.

All in all, the show was a mixed bag, but the great stuff really elevated the not so great stuff.    Final Rating:  **** out of ***** stars.   I’d watch it again.  If only for the Sasha v Charlotte match.




Sherlock Season 4 Release Date Announcement


Sherlock fans such as myself have been eagerly awaiting the next season of Sherlock with patient and rabid anticipation.  We were sated in between seasons earlier this year with the Sherlock: The Abominable Bride special, but still we need to know, when do we get our next three episodes?

Of course, we’d figured it’d be longer, what with Benedict Cumberbatch now taking on a large role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Doctor Strange, in a movie that hits US theaters next Friday, and I believe is already out in the UK(?)   But with a new teaser trailer just dropping along with a release date that is much closer than we’d ever figured.   1/1/17

That’s right, January 1st, or 1st January, however which way you say it where you’re from, it’s happening, and it’s written the same way either way numerically, and I could not be happier for this news.    We’ve waited two years for this, as is the customary wait time for Sherlock fans, and from this trailer, it looks like it will be fantastic.


The first episode will be called “The Six Thatchers”  and this will kick off 2017 with a nice kickstart of geeky awesomeness.  So, we have Doctor Strange November, Rogue One December, and Sherlock in January.   Talk about a happy and geeky holiday season.

Open Letter To The Readers: What Would You Like To See?


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Reel Geek Food Review: Astronomical Pancake House


“Why would anyone eat anything else besides breakfast food?” Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation


As anyone who knows me knows, even though I often claim my favorite food to be burgers, any type of breakfast food automatically trumps burgers in any list.  It’s the perfect food…genre, not sure if that’s the right word, but it’s the word I’m going to use.  And for me, I’m always looking for new places to get this amazing food type at.  One such place I had the good luck of trying recently was the Astronomical Pancake House in Williamsburg, Virginia.

It’s a little tight when you first get in, as their lobby/register/host station is all in one location, so that gets a bit troublesome when you’re trying to get checked in or pay for your food, but once you get in, there’s a real relaxed, breakfast at grandma’s, Golden Girls set like decor, which I appreciated myself.  The workers all wear tie dyed shirts with the restaurant logo on them as well, further tapping into that relaxed, fun atmosphere.

The menu itself is comprised of your breakfast and lunch staples, pancakes, waffles, french toast, burgers, but their signature menu item, and where they get the name of the place from, are their astronomical pancakes.   They have a few different options of flavors to choose from, but I myself got the bacon pancakes.



You can’t see inside, but there’s bacon inside those pancakes.  And it is awesome.

These plate sized pancakes are a meal unto themselves, (and chock full of bacon goodness on the inside) but still I foolishly got a side of a scrambled egg with cheese and some more bacon (the bacon part wasn’t as foolish, you can’t have too much bacon).  The only bad thing I have to say about the pancakes is they give you a tiny syrup carafe, not nearly enough to fully cover these delicious monstrosities with the appropriate amount.  (I mean, sure, you can ask for more syrup, but thinking that that little thing of syrup will cover these Paul Bunyan sized pancakes is poor planning)

I’ve been known in my past as a bottomless pit for food, though after I’ve lost some weight, I can’t eat like I used to, which is a good thing, and I had to tap out after only getting 2/3 of the way through these bacon filled pancakes of joy.

Trying to leave the restaurant becomes a bit problematic as well, as I’d alluded to previously, being that it’s this one small area that is where you pay and check in.  And to make things worse, they don’t, in the year 2016 have a digital POS system but instead it’s an old fashioned ticket system, with items written down individually, which makes splitting a check if  you’re out with a group of friends troublesome, as we encountered with the group of people ahead of us trying to pay for their meals.

Those few small flaws aside though, for a fantastic breakfast while you’re in the Williamsburg, Virginia area, I definitely recommend checking out Astronomical Pancake House.

Food- *****



Final Score- **** out of 5 Stars.

Astronomical Pancake House is located at 5437 Richmond Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23188 and they can be found on Facebook at Astronomical Pancake House


Food Geek Review: Local Spotlight Red River Smokehouse Food Truck


Those of you that have been following the site know that I’ve been branching out into doing Food reviews as well as my usual geeky stuff for about a month now, since I’m a geek about food as much as I am anything else, and when I get to try something new, I like to tell you, the loyal readers of Reel Geek’s Guide, that you can try as well.  Well, you that live or are visiting Virginia at least.

This simple unassuming white pickup truck with a food truck trailer houses some pretty decent BBQ brisket.  I tried the brisket sandwich combo with a side of Mac and Cheese.  I forgot to ask for sauce for my sandwich, but with the coleslaw on top, the King’s Hawaiian Roll bun, and the flavor of the brisket itself, sauce would have been merely a perk to an already delicious sandwich, which to my experience is rare, you normally need the sauce to accent the sandwich, no sauce needed here.     This sandwich did leave me questioning once more though whether I actually do indeed hate coleslaw, or is it just that I’ve had bad coleslaw both times in the past when I’ve had it by itself.

The side of mac and cheese didn’t exactly blow me away, but it was still decent.  Nothing really to write home about here, just your standard homestyle baked Mac and Cheese like someone would bring to a potluck.

All in all, the sandwich was spectacular, but the side  was more of a Meh-caroni and Cheese than a Macaroni.  Final verdict.  *** out of 5 Stars.    You can find Red River Smokehouse BBQ on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Logan Teaser Trailer Reaction


There’s been a lot to get excited about in the past two days, first Marvel releases a Guardians vol 2 teaser and some of the Doctor Strange score, and now today Fox just dropped our first real look at Logan, the last movie to feature Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine.

He’s been the definitive Wolverine, minus the definitive costume, for our generation, effectively replacing the ultra gravelly voiced 90’s cartoon version as the voice in my head when I read a comic featuring Wolverine.  And now it’s time to step down and walk off into that sunset.  Appropriately enough, as there’s kind of a post apocalyptic but not quite that feeling modern western feel I get from this trailer, the Johnny Cash song in the trailer adds to that vibe, so I’m guessing that’s what they were going for.   In case you haven’t seen the trailer yet, here it is.


Rumors were going for the longest time that the movie was to be based on the comic book mini series, Old Man Logan, which featured an older Wolverine in a real post apocalyptic setting.  I’m not quite getting that vibe from this trailer, in fact I’m not getting a vibe of anything that’s ever been done in a superhero movie before, this feels fresh and different.

I’m super excited to see X-23 (Laura) make her cinematic debut.  After reading her latest series as the All New Wolverine, I was kinda hoping that we’d get Orphan Black’s Tatiana Masanley in the role, but she’s a young girl in this movie, played by newcomer Sienna Novikov, so perhaps Masanley could take over the role in a future movie, especially if X-23 is supposed to take up the mantle of an All New Wolverine in the movies as well.  I’m just saying, think about it Fox, it’s a money making idea that needs to happen.  She could be the iconic version of the character.  But we’ll see how things go.

Enough geeking out over X-23, there’s a lot to kind of take in here in this trailer, which was a great teaser, just enough to get you excited and the bare bones of the plot without anything super spoilery.   All we know about this movie is that it’s set in a future where mutants have all been exterminated, save for Wolverine, Professor X (Patrick Stewart returning to the role) ,  and Laura,  Caliban (Stephan Merchant)  and that could be it perhaps, but I’m sure there are a few others at least, maybe…we’ll see in the movie.

I also liked the few glimpses we get to see of Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce, (whom I didn’t know he was playing til I looked up IMDB) seems instead of the Hellfire Club member, in this version he’s a mutant tracker working for the Essex Corporation.  Which ties into my one disappointment thus far in this movie, is that there is no Mr. Sinister in this movie, unless that Richard E Grant is pulling an Into Darkness Khan trick on us, where they say he’s playing this no name character, but actually turns out to be the guy in the movie.  I mean, the guy kind of looks Sinister-ish already,  so why name drop Essex if there is no Sinister, seems kind of shady to me Fox, but that could be what they’re playing at.

I’m definitely excited to see more of this movie as we get closer to the film’s March 2017 release date.  This could be finally an actually all around good Wolverine movie.  Fingers crossed.   What did you guys think of it though?  Let’s try to get some discussion going on in the comments here.   Til next time, be sure to Keep It Reel.

Doctor Strange End Credits Song Reaction


In what’s been a great day for Marvel fans, Marvel is just dropping off little nuggets of awesome to get us through our Wednesday.  First the trailer and poster  for Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, and then we also get a taste of the soundtrack to Doctor Strange which is coming out in a few weeks, and the soundtrack drops on Friday, and after listening to this track, I’m as excited for the soundtrack as I am the movie.  Give it a listen yourself.



I wasn’t sure what to expect from the music to this movie by Michael Giacchino (Lost, The Incredibles) but getting a 60’s inspired Moody Blues-esque, trippy score was certainly not what I would have guessed.  But it totally works, especially for the tone of the movie, which really (from what I’ve seen) gets into the really out there Steve Ditko esque stuff that the comics were known for, maybe even a bit of the really bizarre Steve Engleheart run from the 70’s as well, but music you could get stoned to and kind of zone out, (if that’s your thing, man)

In any case, we’re in for a good musical time when the soundtrack is released this Friday, and then for a great cinematic experience in three weeks when Doctor Strange hits theaters.