The Rise and Grind Workout


One of my goals when I started this site back in March was I wanted to be a fitness blog as well as a geek culture/commentary/review site.  I wanted to help people, and inspire them to be the best versions of themselves as possible, and I’ve gotten away from that from the most part.  Not in my personal life however, and if you were to follow me on Instagram, you’d be able to see my workout posts, 4 days a week, and a lot more randomness/awesomeness.

A month ago though, I was doing a different routine, 5 days a week, this was comprised of:

  1. Monday=Chest Day
  2. Tuesday=Back, shoulders, bis and tris
  3. Wednesday=Core day
  4. Thursday=Leg Day
  5. Friday=3 mile run, or circuit training, depending on which one I felt more like doing.

This is the routine I’ve gotten accustomed to since trading in my run for gym workouts after it got way too hot outside for me to even think about running without having to wake up at some godforasaken zero dark thirty type hour.  I used to do that when I started getting myself in shape, but my life had changed since then, I could sleep at night, and often do, peacefully.   So, I needed to switch it up, and the gym was the best thing for me to do.

But, that routine got stale after a while, and I wasn’t really getting anywhere with it, not really anyway, so I asked for suggestions for a new workout to fill the Friday slot.  And thankfully one of my former Navy friends, Eryn, offered up a suggestion for a new routine for me.  It seemed like a good routine, so I tried it out.   And after about three weeks of doing this routine, I’ve lost four pounds already, and have gained a lot more endurance than I ever had doing the old routine.  I’ve taken to calling this my Rise and Grind workout, because it gets me motivated first thing in the morning, post breakfast, and I want to share that routine with you here today, so hopefully someone else can be inspired by it.    I’ll leave it as she left it to me, just the parts to work on, and let you decide what you want to to do for your own routine, as what I do for me, might not work for everyone,and it’s more so what you’re working on than what you actually do that really counts, as long as you keep up with it and give it your maximum effort.

Rise and Grind Workout

  1. Monday= Chest, Triceps, Shoulders, HITT, Core
  2. Tuesday=Quads, HITT, Core
  3. Wednesday=Rest Day
  4. Thursday=Hamstrings, Glutes, Core
  5. Friday=Back, Biceps, Shoulders, Core


The HITT part really kicked my ass the first week, couldn’t even go three rounds as was suggested, but I kept up with it, and now I can do the three rounds just fine, and ready to hit the other stuff that needs to be done as well after.   If it gets any easier I’m going to have to switch it up to something else.

Also, what helps me out a lot in my fitness journey is the UA Record app, that keeps track of my workouts and how many calories I burn.  It ties in as well with the MyFitness app, where I keep a track of my calories and water intake.    Hopefully this will inspire some of you to get out there and start your own routine.  I always say if it works for me, than anyone can do it.  It’s the keeping with it, your commitment to the process that will really show you who you are.    And, trust me on this one though, if you do this routine, I highly advise keeping that rest day in there.  It might be really tempting to try to just throw something else in there, a run or something, but after the first two days of this routine, if you’re doing it right, you’ll feel that need for the rest day, and you’ll still get results, as long as you stay committed to your goals and trust in the process and you’ll get there.



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