That’s really their version of Flashpoint? A Commentary on the Season 3 Premiere of The Flash



So, The Flash season premiere just happened a little while ago here on the east coast, and it was…okay.  I’m not going to get into any spoiler territory here, but if you go in, expecting what they had hyped up to be, Flashpoint, you’re not going to be happy.

I’m assuming here that if you’re reading this, you’re familiar with the comic book the tv show is based on,  but if you’re not, what was hyped up to be Flashpoint was taken from a storyline in the series under the same title with also proved to be a soft reboot of the DC Universe 5 years ago leading to the New 52 line.


Essentially both things start out the same, Reverse Flash killed Barry’s mom years ago, and Barry goes back in time to stop him from doing so.  Only when he does, he starts a new timeline where everything is the same, but different.  Such as Bruce Wayne was the person that Joe Chill killed back in the day, leading Thomas Wayne to take up the cowl and cape of The Batman. And Superman never landed in that field in Kansas, but was instead taken by the government and experimented on.    Things come to a head when Aquaman’s Atlantis and Wonder Woman’s Amazons are about to go to war, which would lead to the end of the world, so Barry, along with the help of Thomas Wayne, has to fix the timeline.

And that, is Flashpoint in a nutshell.  It was also adapted to a DC Animated movie, The Flashpoint Paradox, which itself was pretty great.  What we saw here tonight…was not Flashpoint.

It was an alternate reality where Barry’s mom was safe, and by proxy, his father as well, and Reverse Flash did refer to the timeline as “Flashpoint”, but other than that, we got none of what makes Flashpoint a compelling storyline.   I’ve been thinking about this all summer long, how were they going to adapt it?  Pondering, fan theorying, and I would not have predicted what they did…which was not do Flashpoint at all.  But, that’s pretty disappointing as a comic book fan.

Now, sure, things would have had to have been changed, it’s too big a story for tv, and with characters that don’t exist in the Arrowverse, such as Batman.  But it could have been done.   Superman exists in this world now, so that part of the story could have been kept the same, but Batman’s bit could have been replaced by  Green Arrow, where Robert Queen was the one who survived the boat crash.  Green Arrow has basically been the Arrowverse’s Batman anyway, so it would have fit.  And it could have developed as an epic two or three part storyline before we get back to the regular altered (again) timeline for the rest of the season, one that would have done the Flashpoint name and the fans of that storyline justice.       Here’s hoping that the rest of the season gets better, but it must be said that, Greg Berlanti…you have failed this fandom.


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