Geeky Things To Do In Virginia: Hampton Comicon


As you know, I’m a longtime geek, and fairly local (I’ve been around) to the Hampton Roads area for the past 25 years or so more or less, so I’m always looking for new and/or fun things to do in Virginia, and the geekier the better.   So of course I’m going to be going to/and hyping up the Hampton Comicon, even if I wasn’t going to be a part of the show.

Local and local ish geeks should come out to the Hampton Convention Center this upcoming Saturday, October 15, for a day of nerdy awesomeness.  There’s going to be comic book creators there such as  Reilly Brown (Deadpool)  Nancy Collins (Vampirella)  and many more, Batmobiles, a Cosplay Contest, Vendors to buy all sorts of cool comic books and comic book related things, and panels.  One I’d suggest checking out will be the Star Wars: Rogue One discussion panel that I’m going to be one of the hosts of, but there’s also a whole lineup of panels as well including ones on diversity in comics, the magical worlds of Harry Potter and LOTR, and much more.  Also, if you’re really feeling lucky, there’s a comic book trivia contest as well, which I also plan on attending, with a lot of great prizes attached for that as well.

 Come on out, tickets are on sale now over at:  So get your tickets today, and I’ll see you at the ‘Con.

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