Reel Geek Food Reviews: Local Food Truck Spotlight: Vicki Vail’s


It’s been a few weeks since my school has had a food truck come through, so haven’t been able to do another local spotlight, but I was glad to see that today the Food Truck Tuesday had returned.  This time out, I had the privilege to try out recent addition to the local food truck scene, Vicki Vail’s, and their Black and Bleu burger.

The burger itself, while not the best burger I’ve ever had was pretty good for it’s price of $9 for the burger itself, and two sides (potato salad or coleslaw), and a bag of chips.  I think in retrospect I should have asked for the lettuce and tomatoes to not be on the burger as those flavors distracted from the bleu cheese portion of the burger, which in any black and bleu burger is missing.  Also, it was lacking bacon, which, while not a necessity, brings out that additional flavor that most burgers calling themselves Black and Bleu have which makes the burger stand out.    The potato salad was one of the better potato salads I’ve had in a while, with that right amount of tangy zip to it that brings the flavor alive.   They offer up a few other varieties of burgers as well that I look forward to trying in the future.  All in all for the value and the food I’d give Vicki Vail’s food truck a solid 3.5 Stars out of 5.   Not a rave review, but a solid effort that’s miles better than some other burger places.  And really very good for just starting out.    You can find them on Facebook, or at their own website.  Http://  And see where they’ll be at next.   Til next time, be sure to Keep It Reel.


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