Reel Geek Review: Food Truck Spotlight Balu’s Surfshack



So, those of you that have been following the site know that I’ve been expanding recently on the site, trying out a food review column when I have the opportunity to support some local food artists, and they’ve been having food trucks come to my campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays, most days anyway.  And the food review stuff has seemed to catch on, so here we go with another one.

Today’s Treat Yoself Day treat was a lunch consisting of their Chicken Chorizo tacos and a candied Belgian Waffle ala mode for dessert.  First off I must say before I even get to the food, I loved the atmosphere the truck provided, with this fantastic artwork on the outside, to the relaxing beach type acoustic music playing from the speakers, it really gets you in this laid back, beach, fun mindset while you’re waiting for your food.  I’ve been to a few food trucks as of late, and not all of them can say they have a vibe setup for the truck in and of itself.  Great stuff.

Now for the food itself.  It was a tough call between the Buffalo Chicken taco and the Chicken Chorizo, but I’m a sucker for good chorizo, so I made the call.   Put a litle sriracha on top to provide a little heat, and it was one of the better tacos I’ve had recently.   The spice of the sauce and the sausage itself was offset by the cool crisp bed of cabbage underneath, with the cheese accenting the flavors as well, just a great little taco.  Sometimes you can just get a taco and it’s just a mess, just stuff thrown into a tortilla, and then there are times when things are planned out and made to perfection and this is one of those type of tacos.

Now for the dessert, I’m already a waffle guy so it’s not hard to sell me on a waffle, but between the sweetness of the Belgian waffle mixing with the chocolate and strawberry sauces along with the vanilla ice cream it was one of the better desserts I’ve had recently.

All in all this is a spot to check out for a good quick bite with a chill laid back vibe, and some great tacos, Balu’s Surfshack is the spot to be.   You can find them on Facebook, or on their website at  They also do catering as well.


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