Rogue One Trailer 2 Reaction

In case you’re not a super Star Wars geek like myself, they released the new and hopefully final trailer for this December’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which was phenomenal timing for myself, as I’m hosting a panel discussing this film on Saturday 10/13 at the Hampton ComicCon (tickets on sale now for the convention btw) And the more material we have to talk about, the better.  But before I get to that discussion, by which time I’ll have watched this thing anywhere from half a dozen to 250 more times between now and then, I figured I’d share with you, my ever increasing readership, my initial thoughts on it, as a lifelong Star Wars fan.

Right from the jump, the obvious answer is that Disney’s purchasing of the brand was the best thing that could happen to it.   I’m completely sold and happy with the fact that we’re getting a new Star Wars movie, every year, from here until they stop making money, so from here to infinity (and beyond) .  This movie alone, well the trailer at least, proves that there’s more to Star Wars than just the Keeping Up With The Skywalkers main story of the Saga as it is thus far.   There’s a billion and a half stories that can be told in this universe.  Here we have a straight up war movie, the War in Star Wars.   Love it.   Maybe we can get like a romantic comedy or something down the road, half joking, but there’s more to Star Wars than just the 6 movies, as those of us who kept the fandom alive reading the books (that are sadly no longer canon, but those are the eggs that had to be broken that need to break for the omelet that is the current film universe.)  There’s so many stories that can be told.    I’m still getting a serious Halo Fall Of Reach vibe to this story though, wherein we get the story before the story, including a bunch of characters who will not be alive by the main story, but I’d hope I’m wrong.

Top 4 moments in the trailer:

  1. The naming of Rogue One .  That was a nice, offhanded moment wherein we get the name of the group, and the movie itself.


2. Darth Vader.  Our first time seeing Vader in action since 1983 (saying NOOOOOOOO! and looking like a BAMF while looking at the Death Star framework in 2005 doesn’t count) I hope we get to see some great Vader moments in the movie itself, which I’m sure we will.  I like that we just get a tease of Vader, no dialogue or anything, we don’t need to see that yet, we’ll pay to see that.  But just seeing him in there is pretty sweet.

3. The Cinematography.  So many quick shots, but all very beautifully shot, This could be the best looking Star Wars movie from a cinematography fans perspective.

4. Star Wars Battlefront So Much action, and really cool action shots too, can’t wait to see more of the battle on the jungle planet next to the AT-ATs.  That is jaw dropping stuff.


For more discussion be sure to come see me at the Rogue One Panel at Hampton Comicon, this Saturday 10/16.  I’m going to try to either have it taped or livestreamed, so I’ll try to have that stuff up here, or at least clips of it soon.   Til next time guys, be sure to Keep It Reel.



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