Hampton Comicon Wrap Up


This past Saturday, Hampton had it’s first ever Comicon, thanks to Tidewater Comicon creator Mike Federali.  And for this con, your friendly neighborhood Reel Geek was asked to be a part of the show, being one of the hosts for the Star Wars: Rogue One panel, and as a last minute host of the Celebrity Writer’s Panel.  But I’ll get to those in a minute.   First up, how was the atmosphere of the show?


It was for sure a smaller show than the Tidewater affair, but that doesn’t mean it was any less of a blast or any less geeky by any means.  Hordes of cosplayers were in the main hallway, along with awesome geeky photo op moments with life size Lego Doctor Strange, The Flash, and a really sweet TARDIS replica that I couldn’t not get a picture with.


As far as the main floor goes, there was a great assortment of vendors to choose from once again, everything from comic books, toys, t-shirts, to really intricate pieces of comic book art blown up on wood that will look fantastic in any self respecting geek’s home or office.  There was something for every kind of geek to love here at the con.   One of my favorite booths there was a photographer, who helped capture myself and my girlfriend Kimmie at our first Comicon together.



They are called Indulge Images, and I definitely recommend their work, check them out on the web.    Another personal highlight for me as a lifelong wrestling fan was getting to meet Road Warrior Animal, one half of the legendary tag team, The Road Warriors. 14642201_10210585588704963_8195237884161550843_n.jpg

I didn’t get to attend all the panels as a guest that I’d have liked to, but as a host, my panels went off almost without a hitch.  I was a last minute addition to being the host of the writer’s panel, so I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare some questions to ask, and to make things even more chaotic, all the questions I did have (all four of them) were geared towards comic book writers, some of which towards a writer that was unable to make the panel, in regards to writing licensed comics,  so when they brought on the panel of Bob Frantz (Monty The Dinosaur)  and two local novelists Mike and Jon, my mind went blank, even as an aspiring writer myself, I had nothing.

Thankfully, my girlfriend thinks on her feet, and quickly shot me some texts with some great questions to ask so the panel went off without a hitch.  Don’t know what I’d do without her, she totally saved me there, and the show. I also got a lot of good inspiration from the writer’s answers for my own aspiring writing career, so I’m glad I was able to be there for that alone.

I also picked up a novel that Mike published,  To Beat The Devil, which I’ll be having a review for on here as soon as I finish reading it.  It’s a cyber punk demon, sci fi, fantasy, pun filled rollercoaster, so it should be a blast.

The Star Wars panel was a much easier affair, as Mike Powers (94.9 The Point DJ, formerly of the Mike and Bob show on 96X along with Bob Frantz from the other panel) is as natural a host as he is a Star Wars fan,  so he started things off and both myself and Anna Mitchell of the 501st got to share our thoughts and have great conversations with the standing room only crowd that came to talk Star Wars with us.   Here’s a clip of me talking on the panel, discussing what I’m most excited about with Rogue One coming out.



All in all, Hampton Comicon was an amazing time.  I’ll be eagerly anticipating the return of the Tidewater Comicon next May, hopefully I’ll see some of you there as well.  Til next time, be sure to Keep It Reel.




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