Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Trailer/Poster Reaction


So, I’m scrolling through Instagram earlier, and just happened to see that Marvel just casually dropped the teaser poster (and trailer, as I would soon find out) for Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2.   The last go around the trailer was first teased, and then we had to watch Jimmy Kimmel to see the thing itself, this time, it’s just put out, hey no big deal guys, just the coolest thing you’ll probably see today, whatevs.    I really dig this poster, for one.  It’s got a real 80’s/90’s rock band album feel to it, which in essence is what Guardians of the Galaxy movies are all about, this band of misfits, rogues, and miscreants who somehow get along and get the job done of saving the galaxy, real rock and roll stuff.  I also like Baby Groot hiding out in the bottom of the picture too, didn’t even notice him first looking at it, then it’s like, oh, there he is.  We see here what we (those of us who scour the internet looking for nuggets of info about movies) already knew, that Karen Gillan would be returning as Nebula, this time joining the team as opposed to opposing it, along with Michael Rooker’s Yondu, which opens up things storywise, and personality dynamic wise makes for some potentially (and I’m sure it will be) very interesting scenes to play out.

And now, for the real reason you clicked on this article I’m sure, the trailer to Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2  Analysis on that coming below.


So, what do we get from this trailer.  Well we get literally none of what the movie is about, which is good for a teaser, you don’t need to get plot specifics in a teaser, just enough to know that there is awesomeness coming.  I myself would have used a different song for the trailer, as Hooked on a Feeling was already used and used well in the last movie, and it’s marketing campaign, but mainly I just want a tease of what we’re getting in the music for this next volume, and not the greatest hit off the last “album”, going back to that rock band metaphor.

But we get some cool action shots of Gamora, we see Yondu with the team, a reveal of Nebula, and a great comedic moment between Peter Quill and Drax, which was hilarious.  James Gunn already wowed us with the last one, and I’m expecting an even bigger roller coaster ride blockbuster this time out.    I can’t wait to see what comes next, and for the latest news as it comes out, be sure to keep it here, and Keep It Reel.





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