Logan Teaser Trailer Reaction


There’s been a lot to get excited about in the past two days, first Marvel releases a Guardians vol 2 teaser and some of the Doctor Strange score, and now today Fox just dropped our first real look at Logan, the last movie to feature Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine.

He’s been the definitive Wolverine, minus the definitive costume, for our generation, effectively replacing the ultra gravelly voiced 90’s cartoon version as the voice in my head when I read a comic featuring Wolverine.  And now it’s time to step down and walk off into that sunset.  Appropriately enough, as there’s kind of a post apocalyptic but not quite that feeling modern western feel I get from this trailer, the Johnny Cash song in the trailer adds to that vibe, so I’m guessing that’s what they were going for.   In case you haven’t seen the trailer yet, here it is.


Rumors were going for the longest time that the movie was to be based on the comic book mini series, Old Man Logan, which featured an older Wolverine in a real post apocalyptic setting.  I’m not quite getting that vibe from this trailer, in fact I’m not getting a vibe of anything that’s ever been done in a superhero movie before, this feels fresh and different.

I’m super excited to see X-23 (Laura) make her cinematic debut.  After reading her latest series as the All New Wolverine, I was kinda hoping that we’d get Orphan Black’s Tatiana Masanley in the role, but she’s a young girl in this movie, played by newcomer Sienna Novikov, so perhaps Masanley could take over the role in a future movie, especially if X-23 is supposed to take up the mantle of an All New Wolverine in the movies as well.  I’m just saying, think about it Fox, it’s a money making idea that needs to happen.  She could be the iconic version of the character.  But we’ll see how things go.

Enough geeking out over X-23, there’s a lot to kind of take in here in this trailer, which was a great teaser, just enough to get you excited and the bare bones of the plot without anything super spoilery.   All we know about this movie is that it’s set in a future where mutants have all been exterminated, save for Wolverine, Professor X (Patrick Stewart returning to the role) ,  and Laura,  Caliban (Stephan Merchant)  and that could be it perhaps, but I’m sure there are a few others at least, maybe…we’ll see in the movie.

I also liked the few glimpses we get to see of Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce, (whom I didn’t know he was playing til I looked up IMDB) seems instead of the Hellfire Club member, in this version he’s a mutant tracker working for the Essex Corporation.  Which ties into my one disappointment thus far in this movie, is that there is no Mr. Sinister in this movie, unless that Richard E Grant is pulling an Into Darkness Khan trick on us, where they say he’s playing this no name character, but actually turns out to be the guy in the movie.  I mean, the guy kind of looks Sinister-ish already,  so why name drop Essex if there is no Sinister, seems kind of shady to me Fox, but that could be what they’re playing at.

I’m definitely excited to see more of this movie as we get closer to the film’s March 2017 release date.  This could be finally an actually all around good Wolverine movie.  Fingers crossed.   What did you guys think of it though?  Let’s try to get some discussion going on in the comments here.   Til next time, be sure to Keep It Reel.


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