Food Geek Review: Local Spotlight Red River Smokehouse Food Truck


Those of you that have been following the site know that I’ve been branching out into doing Food reviews as well as my usual geeky stuff for about a month now, since I’m a geek about food as much as I am anything else, and when I get to try something new, I like to tell you, the loyal readers of Reel Geek’s Guide, that you can try as well.  Well, you that live or are visiting Virginia at least.

This simple unassuming white pickup truck with a food truck trailer houses some pretty decent BBQ brisket.  I tried the brisket sandwich combo with a side of Mac and Cheese.  I forgot to ask for sauce for my sandwich, but with the coleslaw on top, the King’s Hawaiian Roll bun, and the flavor of the brisket itself, sauce would have been merely a perk to an already delicious sandwich, which to my experience is rare, you normally need the sauce to accent the sandwich, no sauce needed here.     This sandwich did leave me questioning once more though whether I actually do indeed hate coleslaw, or is it just that I’ve had bad coleslaw both times in the past when I’ve had it by itself.

The side of mac and cheese didn’t exactly blow me away, but it was still decent.  Nothing really to write home about here, just your standard homestyle baked Mac and Cheese like someone would bring to a potluck.

All in all, the sandwich was spectacular, but the side  was more of a Meh-caroni and Cheese than a Macaroni.  Final verdict.  *** out of 5 Stars.    You can find Red River Smokehouse BBQ on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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