Reel Geek Food Review: Astronomical Pancake House


“Why would anyone eat anything else besides breakfast food?” Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation


As anyone who knows me knows, even though I often claim my favorite food to be burgers, any type of breakfast food automatically trumps burgers in any list.  It’s the perfect food…genre, not sure if that’s the right word, but it’s the word I’m going to use.  And for me, I’m always looking for new places to get this amazing food type at.  One such place I had the good luck of trying recently was the Astronomical Pancake House in Williamsburg, Virginia.

It’s a little tight when you first get in, as their lobby/register/host station is all in one location, so that gets a bit troublesome when you’re trying to get checked in or pay for your food, but once you get in, there’s a real relaxed, breakfast at grandma’s, Golden Girls set like decor, which I appreciated myself.  The workers all wear tie dyed shirts with the restaurant logo on them as well, further tapping into that relaxed, fun atmosphere.

The menu itself is comprised of your breakfast and lunch staples, pancakes, waffles, french toast, burgers, but their signature menu item, and where they get the name of the place from, are their astronomical pancakes.   They have a few different options of flavors to choose from, but I myself got the bacon pancakes.



You can’t see inside, but there’s bacon inside those pancakes.  And it is awesome.

These plate sized pancakes are a meal unto themselves, (and chock full of bacon goodness on the inside) but still I foolishly got a side of a scrambled egg with cheese and some more bacon (the bacon part wasn’t as foolish, you can’t have too much bacon).  The only bad thing I have to say about the pancakes is they give you a tiny syrup carafe, not nearly enough to fully cover these delicious monstrosities with the appropriate amount.  (I mean, sure, you can ask for more syrup, but thinking that that little thing of syrup will cover these Paul Bunyan sized pancakes is poor planning)

I’ve been known in my past as a bottomless pit for food, though after I’ve lost some weight, I can’t eat like I used to, which is a good thing, and I had to tap out after only getting 2/3 of the way through these bacon filled pancakes of joy.

Trying to leave the restaurant becomes a bit problematic as well, as I’d alluded to previously, being that it’s this one small area that is where you pay and check in.  And to make things worse, they don’t, in the year 2016 have a digital POS system but instead it’s an old fashioned ticket system, with items written down individually, which makes splitting a check if  you’re out with a group of friends troublesome, as we encountered with the group of people ahead of us trying to pay for their meals.

Those few small flaws aside though, for a fantastic breakfast while you’re in the Williamsburg, Virginia area, I definitely recommend checking out Astronomical Pancake House.

Food- *****



Final Score- **** out of 5 Stars.

Astronomical Pancake House is located at 5437 Richmond Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23188 and they can be found on Facebook at Astronomical Pancake House



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