Open Letter To The Readers: What Would You Like To See?


Hey guys, just wanted to give a personal thank you to the 523 of you who have clicked on an article by chance, or from my Instagram (Reel_Geeks_Guide) , you guys are amazing.  What’d be even more awesome is if you could click the follow button, so you can always be updated whenever a new article is posted.  I try to get new articles out a few times a week, or more when there’s some big geek news or trailers dropping I’ll be there to cover it.

As of right now, I’m writing whatever comes to mind, whatever I think will interest people.  But geek culture, food, and fitness are huge areas to cover, and I’m only one guy.  So is there anything out there that I’m not covering that you’d like to see covered?  There are two options for that, get in touch with me, either here or shoot me an email @,  and let me know what you want to see more of here at Reel Geeks Guide, or if you want to cover an area yourself, anime, cosplay, board games, video games, PC gaming..all these things that I don’t necessarily have the time to cover, as this isn’t paying the bills just yet, let me know if you want to join the team.   Thanks again guys, you guys are amazing.  And as always, be sure to Keep It Reel.


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