Food Geek Review: Capt’n Crabby Food Truck


Figured I’d better separate the reviews here, for easier access in search engine.  So, this section will now be rebranded Food Geek Review.  Which is also me, as I’m the one writer/editor for this site for now.   Hope you guys enjoy reading this review as much as I did eating for this review.   Without further adieu…here’s the review..

One benefit of living in the Mid-Atlantic region, aside from being a great hotbed for indie professional wrestling shows, is being in crabcake country.   And I am a man who likes a good crabcake sandwich.  I’ve never really had a bad one, to be honest with you, but the one I had today, from Capt’n Crabby food truck took the crabcake to another level.

As I noted before in my review of Balu’s Surf Shack, atmosphere is something that food trucks either have, or they don’t.  The vibe established with this food truck’s art/decor is that of a fun, seafood type environment, and the food definitely delivers on the promise set up by the art.



Capt’n Crabby specializes in doing a few variations on your traditional crabcake sandwich, and various seasonal items as well.   Each of them sounded spectacular, but in the end I was torn between either The Texan, or The Hipster.  In the end I chose The Hipster, which had me at bacon jam and Frosted Flakes.   I also lucked out and managed to snag their last homemade pumpkin bar.

The Hipster was the perfect sandwich for me at that particular moment, it was unlike any other crabcake I’d ever eaten in my life.  The bun was a great tasting outer casing for the awesomeness that was inside, the Frosted Flakes and the bacon jam added a nice layer of sweetness to the crabcake which was a unique touch, and the egg just made everything even better.  This would be a great breakfast crabcake sandwich too, for a post hangover meal, with a Bloody Mary to go with it.

And the Pumpkin Bar, a new seasonal treat addition to the menu, I found out from the owner, MJ Medler, was phenomenal as well.  It tasted like a hybrid of a carrot cake and gingerbread, with a delectably sweet cream cheese frosting on top, and I was so glad I managed to get in there and get that before it was sold out, as it was the last one they had.

You can find Capt’n Crabby Catering online at, and on Facebook and Twitter as well.  Keep an eye out for them to hit your neighborhood, I definitely will be keeping an eye out to try the other sandwiches on the menu.  Easily in my top 3 favorite food trucks I’ve had the pleasure to eat at recently since I started doing these reviews.    Anywhere else I should seek out to try, food trucks, restaurants, I’m game for trying new places, just let me know below.


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