#GeekingOut Over The New Wonder Woman Trailer


The new trailer to DC’s next movie, Wonder Woman, was released earlier today, and as always I’m here to bring it to you, and talk about it, and speculate/analyze as we geeks like to do.  In case you haven’t seen it, yet,  here’s the link.  Watch,  so we’re all on the same page here.


If there’s one thing DC has known how to do well since starting their own cinematic universe,  is putting out a good trailer, so that part isn’t a surprise.  Here we get more establishing of the film’s setting, it seems we’ll probably start out the movie in present day, post Batman v Superman, with Diana looking at her newly recovered picture from the past, and her reminiscing Stand By Me style while she sits at her computer.   I’d be totally cool with the Stand By Me opening to the movie, with Gal Godot in place of Richard Dreyfuss (which is usually a better option, in most situations)

And then we cut to the past, Themyscria, as Diana rescues Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) and prepares to join him in the world of men.  We get some great action shots, and more establishing of Danny Huston (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) as the unnamed villain of the piece, who is likely going to be revealed to be the god of war…Ares, more than likely.

And a few other bits of great action and some jokes of course, because we have to show that DC is fun and not dour and serious like they started out being, some of the jokes work, but not like laugh out loud funny, more like a chuckle..that’s clever ish kind of thing.  But we’re not here for the comedy, so I’m not too concerned with that aspect of the thing.

All in all it’s a pretty solid trailer, that doesn’t reveal too much about the movie, which is great considering we’re still 7 months out from release, so there’s still time to build the hype train.   What did you guys think though?  Also, what’s your favorite DC movie so far, in any version of the movies?



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