Food Geek Review: Bro’s Fish Tacos


November 8, 2016.  It’s Election Day in America, but far more importantly than that could ever possibly be, it’s Taco Tuesday!  And I was fortunate enough to actually be able to have some fish tacos on this glorious day.

The truck that contains Bro’s Fish Tacos is an unassuming, small little truck, but the flavor that is created inside this truck is truly much greater than it’s appearance.   They have five varieties of fish tacos to choose from, but on this day, I chose the Truth taco, which is a beer battered flounder taco, and they have a few options for sauces as well, and for this the cinnamon chipotle sounded like it would go great with the beer battered fish, and I was indeed correct.

The lime that came with the taco was used, and added a bit of extra tang to the flavor.  It was a really great taco, glad I ordered two of them.  Only complaint was that the cinnamon chipotle sauce had more cinnamon that chipotle, so it didn’t have a sweet spicy combo that I was hoping for, but the sweetness mixed in well with the other flavors that were going on in the taco.

Overall, I really enjoyed my food experience this afternoon, and I look forward to encountering this truck again soon to try their other varieties of the fantastic fish taco.

Rating ***** 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Bro’s Fish Tacos can be found online at, or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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