Food Geek Review: All About The Cheese-Grilled Cheese Academy Food Truck


For as long as I’ve been doing these food truck reviews, I’ve been hoping, waiting, and praying for the day that a grilled cheese truck rolls into campus.  And today was finally that day, the day that the  All About The Cheese-Grilled Cheese Academy rolled up into town.  I love cheese like Oprah loves bread.  Love it love it love it.  So, of course, a grilled cheese would be up there on my favorite foods list.  And this place isn’t your standard grilled cheese sandwich place, they take things to another level of greatness.

This simple, nearly unassuming green truck isn’t really that memorable or exciting on the outside, but much like their sandwiches, it’s what’s inside that counts.    They offer up 6 different types of grilled cheese sandwiches, with additional variations found inside the bread as well.  I was feeling like a bacon type of mood today, so I went with their #3 sandwich, a bacon and swiss grilled cheese with applewood smoked bacon crumbles and a honey dijon sauce on rye, along with a side of bacon macaroni and cheese, because, bacon.

As someone who’s been eating grilled cheese sandwiches for about 30+ years, I’ve had my fair share, and this one definitely ranks pretty high up on that list.  The rye bread was a perfect outer casing to the melty swiss cheese inside.  And the sweet tang of the honey dijon mustard paired quite nicely with the bread as well, giving the sandwich and almost Reuben like quality.  And the applewood smoked bacon crumbles just set everything else off in the sandwich like meaty bites of pure awesome.    The macaroni and cheese was also spectacular, the cheese and the bacon melding together at times to make this perfect side dish come alive.

It was a bit pricier than my usual food truck meal, about $20 for the sandwich, side dish, and a drink, but it was money well spent I believe.  I absolutely loved the sandwich and look forward to trying the other 5 grilled cheese combinations as well in the near future.   You can find the All About The Cheese- Grilled Cheese Academy on Facebook, where you can see where they will be showing up next.

Rating ***** 5 Stars out of 5.




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