Food Geek Review: The Subway Reuben



One of my favorite sandwiches of all time is The Reuben.  I first was introduced to this tantalizing, tasty, treat, by my grandfather on my mom’s side.  I remember it was the time they came to Jersey to see me graduate high school.  One of the times then we were out to lunch he orders a Reuben.  I’d never had one before, not sure why, it’d just never occurred to me to try one, so I did, and it was a match made in foodie heaven.    Since that time I’ve had Reubens all over the country, from chain restaurants to hole in the wall bars, and I’ve never been disappointed.  Would Subway’s attempt at this great sandwich leave me wanting?  Or would it instead satisfy that craving I’ve had as of late.

First of all, obviously the sandwich doesn’t look as good as it does in the advertising, none of them do in the fast food industry, and yes, don’t kid yourself, Subway is fast food just like Mcdonald’s, just a different type of food served, is all.   So, usually I’ll have a picture of what I ate in the article as well, so you can see for yourself what the food looks like, beyond the pale illusion that is advertising, but the sandwich wasn’t very photogenic.  It tasted better than it looked however.

The rye bread serves the rest of the sandwich well, holding in the other flavors of the corned beef, the sauerkraut, the cheese and the thousand island dressing, and the sandwich tastes like a Reuben should, albeit compressed, and flattened it seems to fit the Subway mold.  So, it definitely hits the spot when you’re craving a Reuben and you’re not anywhere near a deli.   Don’t focus on it’s appearance so much, and you’ll be find. It’s not Instagram worthy food, but it definitely  hit this food geek in the right spot, so I’ll recommend trying this sandwich while you can, as it’s only out for a limited time only.



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