Food Geek Review: Your Pie



Usually in my Food Geek Review (Every Tuesday and Thursday right here at Reel Geek’s Guide, I review a local food truck that’s stopped by the campus, today it’s a bit different, as we had some reps from our local Your Pie chain stop by with their craft pizzas.  And, as anyone who knows me knows, I’m a sucker for a good pizza.

After checking out their website I’ll definitely have to stop in the actual location sometime to try their full menu, and to get a sense of the atmosphere of the place.  Here today they had four options to choose from, and I went with the one my gut was telling me to go for, the Lineage pizza, which is a Supreme style pizza, with sausage, green peppers, red onions, mushrooms, and black olives.      Also, couldn’t help but get the cheesy breadsticks as well, again because I love cheese.

Let’s start off with the breadsticks.  They weren’t your average breadsticks, no, this was made with good quality bread to begin with, which just like making a sandwich, the better quality bread you have, the better the final product will turn out.  And I loved these breadsticks, melty cheese, a little bit of garlic, and some marinara to dip them in, it was perfection.  Best cheesy breadsticks I’ve had in a long time.

As for the pizza itself, you could taste the craftmanship that went into making this pizza.  And just like the breadsticks, it’s quality dough they’re using here, so even the crust tastes fantastic.  It wasn’t too hot either, which is a nice perk, as some pizzas are like scalding hot when you first get them, this was freshly made, but it wasn’t like I needed to let it cool before eating it, or take a bite out of it prematurely, and end up like the hungry hipster, burning my mouth cause I ate pizza before it was cool.

All the flavors melded together perfectly, the cheese was melty, gooey, and delicious and I even didn’t mind the black olives, which I usually am not the biggest fan of, it worked well here in this pizza.  I also appreciate the fact that the pizza wasn’t too sauce heavy, which can ruin a lot of good pizzas, or at the least knock a great pizza down to a good one.

So I would definitely look out for a Your Pie location in your area, because it was one of the better pizzas, and breadsticks that I’ve had in quite a while.  Easily in my top 3 of best pizza I’ve had this year.

I’ll give them ***** Five Stars, it’s an amazing meal.    You can find the your pie in your area by checking them out online at Or download the app to your smart phone or tablet.


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