Food Geek Review: Thirsty Frog Food Truck


Since I’ve been doing the Food Geek column every Tuesday and Thursday here, the site’s been getting even more attention then when I post my usual geeky content, which isn’t surprising, some of the stuff I cover is a bit niche, but everyone loves food.  You’ll never meet someone who will say…you know food?  I don’t like it.    In this divisive world we live in now, it’s the one thing that can make us all come together is some good food, which, is what we will mostly all of us be doing this Thursday here in the states for Thanksgiving.   I’ll take that day off from my usual Thursday column,  so I hope all of you have a Happy and safe Thanksgiving.    But…that’s then, we’re at now now. Everything that’s happening now is happening now. Now will become then…soon.

So this is Tuesday, and it’s time once more for another Food Geek Review, this time I stopped by the Thirsty Frog food truck here on campus.    Now,I’ve been there before, shortly before I started doing the Food Geek Review column, so I didn’t review it last time.  Thirsty Frog is a food truck that specializes in smoothies, coffee type drinks, funnel cakes, and a couple of sandwiches as well.

Last time, I tried their NC pulled pork BBQ, today, I was feeling like a taste of Chicago, so I got the Chicago style pulled beef sandwich.    It’s not the biggest sandwich in the world, but it hits the spot.  It’s served on a kaiser roll, with juicy pulled beef, and the addition of the cheese sauce and the fried onion chips sets everything off just right for a tasty treat.  I put a little Texas Pete on mine to give it some extra zing, but it’d be just as good without it.

They also offer the BBQ sandwich that I mentioned, which is nothing to sneeze at either, or if none of those are your cup of tea, then there’s a Nathan’s all beef hot dog that I’m sure is just as good as the other two sandwiches.     You can find Thirsty Frog on Facebook at The Thirsty Frog LLC  .


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