Food Geek Review: Red Robin’s Limited-Time treats


Now, usually in the Food Geek review I’ll hit up a local spot, or a food truck.  But those are admittedly kind of niche items, you have to be here in Virginia to try them.  And while I will continue to support and write about those places off the beaten path, I’ll also be throwing in more mainstream food coverage as well, stuff that anyone, nearly anywhere can go to.   And we will start off our food journey today by the trips I had to Red Robin over the weekend with my girlfriend.   I had two very distinct, very different sandwiches, but two of the better sandwiches I’ve had in a while, and a great cocktail as well.

The Bee’s Knees chicken sandwich.  Very apt description.

Our first trip there after craving a good burger led me to try something that wasn’t a burger at all, but rather a unique take on the chicken sandwich, the aptly named Bee’s Knees  Finest chicken sandwich.   It’s a sandwich that mashes up two of my favorite meals, chicken and waffles, and a chicken sandwich, into something unlike anything else you’ve ever tried.

The Belgian waffle bun is the outer casing of a sandwich that includes a crispy tempura-fried chicken breast that they glaze in sweet Angry Orchard® honey, then on to the kick of a spicy jalapeno relish, citrus marinated tomatoes providing a little citrus-y sweetness, and onions and shredded romaine rounding it out before the other side of the waffle bun finish.     I’ve seen things well named before, Snakes on a Plane, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, but this sandwich truly takes the cake, or the waffle at the least.  You won’t have another sandwich like it ever.     You can also add cheese to the sandwich as well, which I did, just gave it that extra bit of perfection for this cheeselover.

They suggest pairing the sandwich with a glass of Angry Orchard®, and I must be inclined to agree, as that’s what I did.   Chicken sandwiches don’t get much better than this.  One pro tip for eating it though, it’s very loosely held together, so I’d suggest cutting it in half, or keeping that toothpick in there as long as possible, elsewise the sandwich devolves into a mess midway through eating.    A tasty mess, but a mess, nonetheless.

Day 2 of our weekend of Christmas shopping and spending time together we were also craving Red Robin, so we returned a second time.  Thankfully with a menu as varied as the one they have, you can get something different every time you go there, and this time I picked up their limited time only Billion Dollar Baby burger and a Laguinitas cocktail in a can.


Let me set the picture for this piece of burger heaven.  This burger won the South Beach Wine and Food Festival’s Red Robin Best Burger Bash earlier this year , and for good reason.  It’s 100% Black Angus beef on a ciabatta bun, with what they call a potato cake, (it’s a hashbrown to us common folk) melted Fontina cheese, a truffle flavored cheese blend, grilled tomatoes, shredded romaine lettuce, and pepper bacon just to show off at the end.

I love all food in general, but my two favorite things are a burger, and cheese, and this burger hit every note possible for both the burger and the cheese lover in me.  There was cheese in every. single. bite. of this burger.  Every. Single. Bite.  Just wow.  I was in love with this thing from the first bite in.  The bacon didn’t even need to be there, but it was, and I was ever so thankful for it.  Just pure burger heaven.  The potato cake as they call it brought to mind my ultimate breakfast sandwich creation the Juggernaut, and it works as well in this burger as it does in my sandwich.  (Sidenote: The Juggernaut is a sandwich comprised of a bagel, two scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, and a hashbrown.  Not good for you, but it’s so so so good.)

The real star of this burger though is the cheese, both the fontina and the cheese truffle sauce, pure cheesy perfection, like Big Trouble in Little China in food form.  This one is here for a limited time, so I’d suggest getting out there soon and trying this little number.

The cocktail I had paired of with this one was one of their Laguinitas cocktail in a can, which was a mixture of Laguinitas beer, Red grapefruit, and svedka vodka for a unique cocktail unlike anything else you’ve had before.  It was quite excellent.


The Bee’s Knees Finest Chicken ***** out of 5 Stars

The Billion Dollar Baby Burger ***** out of 5 Stars

Laguinitas cocktail in a can **** out of 5 Stars.


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