Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Review

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Sony/Marvel, just less than a half hour ago, dropped the first teaser trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming, the first solo Spider-Man movie since adding Spider-Man back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe where he belongs.  Let’s check it out, then talk about it.


I believe the word you’re looking for is wow.   I’ve said it before, when we were first getting our glimpses of Tom Holland in the role, but really, the third time is the charm here.  We had our great Peter, but bad Spider-Man the first time with Tobey, Andrew Garfield brought Spider-Man to life but was too cool to be a proper Peter in the reboot, but now they finally Goldilocks’d it and the third time is just right.

I like the old school Marvel Halloween masks the bank robbers are using at the start of this trailer, perfect way to establish that yes, in case you forgot this is indeed in the MCU.  And it really seems like we don’t have to sit through another origin story for him again, which is fantastic.  Or should I say Amazing?

It also seems that, despite the controversy from a few months ago, Zendaya is not playing Mary Jane but rather a character named Michelle.. though this could still be a bait and switch thing, but from the brief glimpse of her character in this trailer, I’d almost more guess she’s got the vibe of the edgy Ultimate version of Gwen Stacy from the 00’s comics.  But we’ll see.   Also seems like we have another African American female lead/potential love interest as well with Laura Harrier as Liz Allen, so either way, this Spidey is down with the swirl, which I just love.    It’s 2017 almost, and in NYC its far more realistic to have a multicultural group of friends/love interests than it is for it not to be.

And speaking of multicultural friends, it says on IMDB that Jacob Batalon is playing Ned Leeds,  (who, in the comics, was a reporter at the Daily Bugle who later married Betty Brant) who is also in this movie, like a super young version of her it seems.  But from the preview his character reminds me a lot more of Ganke, Miles Morales (the other Ultimate Spider-Man, in the comics) friend, than any type of Ned Leeds vibe.     But we’ll see how it goes, this is just the teaser.


Ganke Lee.


Robert Downey Jr. owns his little brief bits of dialogue in this trailer, can’t wait to see more of him in this movie, it’s a perfect choice to bring him in, plus more RDJ onscreen is always a good thing.  From what I’m reading on IMDB, we’ll get a few Spider-Man villains onscreen in this one, from Michael Chernus playing The Tinkerer, Bokeem Woodbine playing The Shocker, and lastly to the movie’s big bad, Michael Keaton as The Vulture, who looks legit menacing here.   I don’t think we’ll be seeing too much of the first two bad guys, I almost feel like we’re finally going to see what I’ve been waiting to see in a comic book movie for years now.  The use of D-List villains to show that they do fight bad guys all the time, not just when a movie is happening.

We kind of got a sense of this in The Dark Knight with The Scarecrow popping back up, and in a few other movies here and there but for the most part, it seems that in these superhero movie verses, bad guys only show up once every two years or so, and the rest of the time they take down normal criminals.  (In a word, boring!)      Give me some D list bad guys thrown in throughout a movie, some Rocket Racer, or Big Wheel, or The Grizzly and The Gibbon.  Hell, White Rabbit even.

Did I miss anything in the trailer?  What was your favorite part?  Whatever it is leave me a comment in here and be sure to share this article with your friends, spread the love around.  It’s almost Christmas now but after seeing this trailer, next July can’t get here any faster.


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