Food Geek Review: Hardee’s Porkchop and Gravy Biscuit


I love fast food, and if I had to pick a favorite type of food, it’s breakfast food.  What I’m not traditionally a big fan of however it’s the fast food breakfast.  It costs just as much as the rest of the food there, but with a far less value.  You generally have to eat like two breakfast sandwiches to be anywhere close to full, and you get double the calories that way, because those things are just filled with empty calories.

But, every so often, a chain comes out with a food that’s actually filling.  And such is Hardee’s  pork chop and gravy biscuit sandwich.   My girlfriend first told me about this, and I was intrigued.  She’s not the biggest fan of the place, and to get an endorsement from her, well it must be good.  I do love me some biscuits and gravy as well, so I definitely had to try this sandwich.

The sandwich itself, is a breaded porkchop, topped with gravy, in between two flaky fresh baked biscuits.  It’s not a big sandwich, but it packs a punch, you’re getting your money’s worth with this one.  The biscuits are flaky and delicious, the breaded porkchop is the definite meat of the sandwich, both in the metaphorical and literal sense, it’s filling for sure.  The weak link is the gravy, which is a bit heavy on the pepper, but in combination with everything else in the sandwich, the flaws of the one are outdone by the strengths the rest of the sandwich brings to the table.



For the breakfast side, they now include a potato round similar to Bojangles’ Botato Rounds, which is, itself, a rounded tater tot, an excellent companion piece to the main dish of the breakfast sandwich offered here by Hardee’s.     If you’re on the go, it makes for a great quick stop breakfast, that will actually keep you full til lunchtime.


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