Just Who Is…The Vulture


Hi guys, trying a new feature here on the site, where we take a look into the comic book backstories of upcoming comic book movie or tv show characters,  and what better to start off this new column with, then the villain that Michael Keaton is going to play in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming movie, that the trailer just was released for the other day (at the time of this writing).     This is especially a good pick, because as many people have seen the trailer now for the movie, (and it looks quite spectacular, sensational, and amazing so far) there aren’t I don’t think a lot of movie fans out there who know much about The Vulture, as he’s not as well known as some of the other villains in Spidey’s line up, like Doctor Octopus or The Green Goblin.

The Vulture battles Spider-Man in his first appearance, Amazing Spider-Man # 2 (1963)

Adrian Toomes was born in Staten Island, and worked as an engineer/inventor with a business partner named Gregory Bestman.  After inventing his flight suit, he went to tell Bestman the news of his invention, only to discover an empty office, along with proof that Bestman had been embezzeling funds from their company.    He snapped at this point, turning his mind to revenge, and to a newfound life of crime as The Vulture.   Because that’s what people do in a comic book world.

He had a crime spree running for a bit, until he encountered a young Peter Parker, fresh into his career as The Amazing Spider-Man, who after a series of entanglements, managed to take down Toomes, and thus, the rivalry began.  He also was in the first lineup of the Sinister Six, (a group of Spider-Man’s villains formed by Doctor Octopus for the purpose of revenge against the wall crawler. )

The Sinister Six (Electro, Mysterio, Doctor Octopus, The Vulture, Sandman, Kraven The Hunter)


For an elderly villain he’s had quite some battles with the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man over the years, and doesn’t look like he’ll be stopping anytime soon.  Wouldn’t surprise me if we get some new Vulture storyline next summer in the comics, leading into the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Hope you all enjoyed that little bit of comic book backstory, what character or story do you want to hear more about next?    Be sure to share this article with your friends, and now you can have one up on them in a geek trivia battle.    Til next time, be sure to keep it Reel.


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