Food Geek Review: Mac and Cheese Dog at Hot Dog Cafe


I’ve been going to Lynnhaven mall in Virginia Beach for longer than most of it’s current demographic has been alive.  I’ve seen a lot of changes over the years, one of the more drastic, in my opinion, ones  was it’s abbreviated food court as it has now.  Like there’s maybe 5 options to choose from, and two of them are almost identical Asian cuisine.   However this truncated food court has left other options for shoppers to pick up a quick bite to eat along the way.

One such place I had the privilege of trying yesterday is the Hot Dog Cafe.  Formerly located as a standalone restaurant on Virginia Beach boulevard, and now a food stand in the mall, this little food stand packs a lot of punch in it’s small frame.    They specialize in  doing specialty hot dogs.  From your standards like the Chicago dog, to new and interesting combinations such as their fan favorite, Mac and Cheese dog, which was of course the one that I tried yesterday and will be talking to you about right now.

It’s a hot dog, covered in fresh, cheesy macaroni and cheese and topped with jalapenos as well, giving the whole sandwich an extra kick to it that set it apart from any other hot dog I’ve had before.    Now, there are some hot dogs you can eat on the go, but this one I’d definitely suggest sitting down and taking your time with it, as it’s a bit messy and likely will fall apart on you in the middle of eating.  But it’s inconsistency does not make the dog any less delicious.  I look forward to having this one again in the near future, and maybe eventually hitting up the other specialty dogs on the menu, including a bacon wrapped dog, which nearly had me at the word bacon, until I saw the mac and cheese dog.

Hot Dog Cafe is located in Lynnhaven Mall, right across from Gamestop.  You can find them on Facebook at

Mac and Cheese Dog- Rating ***** out of 5 Stars.



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