Food Geek Review: Smitty’s Better Burger


Smitty’s Better Burger has been a Hampton fast food staple for 60 years.  Since 1956, Smitty’s has been serving hot and delicious fast food in a drive in setting.  Forget Sonic, if you want real authentic drive in fast food this is where you have to go.

I’ve been going here for a few months now, since my girlfriend Kimetra, a native of Hampton first turned me on to the place.  Usually I’ll stick with my standard, which is one of their Better Burgers with Cheese, but this time, something different caught my eye on the menu, which I’ll talk to you about today, and that is a Turkey Burger with Bacon, Cheese, and Chipotle sauce.


One of their other specialties, which I always get every time I come here, is Corn Fritters.  These little deep fried nuggets of awesome are addicting, and go great with ranch dipping sauce.

On to the main course for the evening though, the Turkey Burger was a a great choice.  The chipotle sauce giving the whole sandwich a needed kick of flavor, though the bacon, cheese, and turkey were the meat (mostly literal) of the sandwich, the chipotle was that added bit that turned an ordinary sandwich into extraordinary.

One last component of the meal, which I almost neglected to mention was that they have an old school style fountain machine, which means, “real” Coke as I call it.  That extra sweet, syrupy concoction that’s almost a rarity these days in this age of standardization.  It wouldn’t be a drive in without that old school Coke machine, giving the soda that added edge of flavor that most places lack these days.

All in all, Smitty’s is one of those rare places that you can still go to in this day and age and get burgers and fries like how they used to be served back in the day.    The only thing missing from the menu that would really complete the drive in experience would be a malted shake, but the place is already serving great food at an even better price, so sometimes you have to take a win as a win.

As a fast food connoisseur and supporter of local businesses, I can tell you with authority that while there are lots of places to get a burger, there’s only one place in the 757 where you can get a Better Burger.

Rating: **** 1/2 out of 5 Stars.
Address: 1313 N. King Street, Hampton
Phone: (757) 723-0661

Be sure to like this article, share it with your friends all over social media, and be on the lookout for my next Food Geek Review coming this Thursday, where I talk about another hidden treasure of Hampton, Chic-A-Sea.    Also, if you’re in the tidewater area of Virginia next week for the holidays, and want to have fun testing your Star Wars trivia knowledge against the Reel Geek himself, come out to Dave and Buster’s Lynnhaven December 26 for Star Wars trivia night.  It’s my first co-hosting gig, and I’d love to get a huge crowd out for it.   Hit me up on social media for more info.


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