Food Geek Review: Wendy’s Sriracha Spicy Chicken


Fast Food places like to go through gimmicks and trends, whatever is going on at the time in the world, if they can capitalize on it, they will.  Sometimes, they are a bit late to the party, as is the case with Wendy’s, realizing that a lot of people like Sriracha sauce.  People love this sauce so much, they made a documentary about it’s creation.

That documentary came out three years ago, almost four now.  So, Wendy’s is just a bit behind on the ball on this food trend.   Regardless though, they realized that this is a thing now, and wanted to capitalize on it with a new take on their spicy chicken sandwich, which I’ll be talking about today in the Food Geek Review.

Of course, the real thing doesn’t look nearly as good or as polished as the advertisement, but we all know that nothing ever does.  If the advertisement is the book, then the product itself is the movie, not quite living up to expectations, but aiming to try.  And such is the case of this sandwich here.   Aside from the Sriracha sauce, and a strip or two of ( I can’t believe I’m saying this) unnecessary bacon, that really doesn’t need to be there,  there’s nothing different between this and your standard Wendy’s Spicy Chicken.

It’s good, for what it is, but this food fan saw right through the veneer of new and different that they’re trying to go for with the sriracha sauce, it’s just like the newer remodeled restaurants themselves.  They can try to dress up the outside all they want, it’s still the same food on the inside, regardless of fancy packaging.

Final Verdict *** out of 5 Stars.



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