2016 Wrap-up, Top Ten Articles


As of the time of my writing this article, we’re less than 100 hours away from putting this year behind us, for better or worse.  Now, there’s been a lot…a lot…I cannot stress how much bad stuff has happened this year, but there’s been some good things too.  Captain America:Civil War, Rogue One, AJ Styles is in WWE…in my personal life I met my girlfriend this year, and also, most importantly here, I started this site in March of this year.

9 months later, and 95 articles on the site, I thought it’d be fun to take a look back, and see what you guys, the loyal, worldwide readers of Reel Geek’s Guide took a look at the most this year, and I’ll link the articles too, so in case you’re a newcomer, and missed something you want to read about, you can read them all here, well not all of them.  I’d be here all day, but, as the title says, the Top Ten articles of 2016.   So, without further adieu, let’s take a look at what you guys read the most here, during the first year of this site, 2016.

10.   Food Geek Review: Cap’n Crabby Food Truck



This was one of the tastier food trucks I was able to sample during this year, and one of the first big reactions I got on the site, it took a few months to find my voice, and find the audience on the site, but I was glad when things started to turn around for the site here.

9. Food Geek Review:  All About The Cheese-Stuffed Mac and Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich



The concluding chapter of my Grilled Cheese Trilogy, talking about the many delicious sandwiches from  the All About The Cheese food truck.   This trilogy, you can read out of order, and it still makes sense.  Sorry, I guess that joke could be considered a bit….cheesy.


8.  Reel Geek Review: Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates 



For the longest time, this review was the most looked at article on the site.  It’s  cheesy comedy, not going to make my Top Ten List for movie wise, but it’s review does make the top ten articles.

7. Food Geek Review: Sweet Mama Tee’z




The first local spot I reviewed for the site, in an attempt to branch out the site into doing food reviews, mostly because this funnel cake I had was so amazing.  I’ve been back there a few more times since then,  and I look forward to going there even more in the future.  Also, you can see that I was still playing with the title of the Food column at the time too.  Thankfully I shortened it a bit down the road.


6. Top Ten Christmas Movies



Christmas may have just passed us, but the article, and the movies themselves, lives on.  There were a few glaring omissions I realized in retrospect, but that just provides us with more fodder for Christmas-y articles next year.  So everyone wins in the end.


5. Music Geek Review: The Hamilton Mixtape


2016 for sure was the year of Lin Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton, and I got drawn up into the hype as well.  It’s so good.  What’s also fantastic is this Mixtape which just dropped a few weeks ago, which you can read about here.


4. Food Geek Review: All About The Cheese-Mac Daddy Sandwich



The second part of the Grilled Cheese Trilogy, just as delicious as the rest.


3. Food Geek Review:  All About The Cheese Food Truck



My first time having the deliciousness of the All About The Cheese Food Truck, that started the cheese filled saga.

2. Reel Geek Review: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them (Spoiler Review)



No surprise that the biggest worldwide review of the year would be discussing JK Rowling’s return to the Wizarding World.  I absolutely loved this movie, can’t wait to see the next chapters in this saga.

  1.  Food Geek Review:The Subway Reuben



The most read article on the site this year is to me the most surprising.  For all my talk of Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel Comics, Doctor Who and such, the one that got the most attention is my review of a chain restaurant sandwich.   That did get my attention that that’s what everyone can relate to, is chain stuff, so expect to see more of those type of reviews in the coming year.

Well that’s it for this top ten list, I hope you enjoy reading, or re-reading these articles again, and be sure to subscribe to stay up to date on all the goings on here at Reel Geek’s Guide.







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