TV Geek Review: Doctor Who:The Return Of Doctor Mysterio


I’ve written before of how much I love the tv series, Doctor Who, and how that show got me through some rough times before.  As a fan for me, this year, the roughest times were that we had no Doctor Who season to watch.  No new Who since last Christmas.  So, I was hoping that they would do something truly special with this year’s Christmas special.

It starts off at some undisclosed time in the past, on Christmas eve, as young geeky kid Grant Gordon finds The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) hanging outside his window, literally.   The Doctor gives him an alien gem to hold onto, and he swallows it, thinking it to be medicine, since he said he was a doctor. It turns out that this gem brings to life what one imagines to be real, and being a superhero enthusiast, it gives the alliterative named young Mr. Gordon superpowers.

We then cut to 24 years later, to our present day,and Grant Gordon (Justin Chatwin-Dragonball Evolution) now saves the people of New York City as it’s own superhero The Ghost when not working as a nanny for reporter Lucy Fletcher (Charity Wakefield) .  The Doctor soon returns when discovering an alien plot to take over world leader’s brains for an invasion, because that’s what aliens do on Christmas here in Doctor Who-ville.

One of my favorite things about Doctor Who are the Christmas specials, which don’t always have anything to do with the holiday, but are always a fun treat for the fans, and sometimes get a little more deeper into the story.     There are a lot of great one liners in this special as well,  I was going to quote a few, but there are too many to mention overall, you just have to watch for yourself.

Justin Chatwin does a great job in the superhero role, something he attempted to do before playing Goku in name only in the Dragonball adaptation a few years ago, I liked all the nods to classic superhero fiction tropes as well.     It even managed to give us an in-universe explanation for the lack of Doctor Who this year, tying it into the events of last year’s special with River Song.  (I’d say more but….Spoilers)

I eagerly await next season of Doctor Who with baited breath, from the preview they show at the end of this special it seems we’re in for a return to form for the series.  I’ll be here writing about it when it happens.


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