How I got sucked into Scandal, and took my family with me.


Shonda Rhimes has done what few television writers have ever been able to do.  Have three mega successful shows, and taking over an entire network’s primetime block of television for a night.  Which is just what she’s done with her TGIT lineup on ABC of Grey’s Anatomy,  Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder.  All brilliant shows, but one show in particular in that lineup not only got my girlfriend hooked on it, which later got me hooked on it, which later got my parents hooked on the show too, and that is Scandal.  Which the 6th season of which starts in just a little less than two weeks.

In case you’re living under a rock like I was until last year, Scandal tells the story of Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), a fixer in Washington DC, and the power plays, grabs, conspiracies, and yes, scandals that go on  behind the scenes in the room where it happens, the White House.   It’s got more betrayals, double crosses, and twists than Game of Thrones, and some sharp writing to boot.

Shonda and her writers have outdone themselves with this show.  At first you get drawn in by the initial premise of the show,  Olivia and company (including her team of hacker turned secret agent Quinn ( Katie Lowes) and ex..basically..assassin Huck (Guillermo Diaz-Half Baked) fix the problems of the rich and powerful.  Then they bring in the soap opera elements of the love story with the President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn-Ghost) and then the conspiracy and mythology of secret government black ops group B-613 run by…well, you’ll just have to watch the show to find out, but trust me, you’ll get drawn in, just like I was.

Admittedly, when it first came on, I just figured it was another show for women, like Grey’s was, but I was so mistaken.  My girlfriend Kimmie suggested we watch it shortly after we started dating, and I was just hooked by the end of the first episode.  I’ve got a lot going on, and like half a dozen other shows I watch on the regular, so I lost track of this one for a bit, but by my winter break from college, I was in the middle of season 4, ironically enough the same episode where my girlfriend got hooked on the show initially.  Olivia gets kidnapped.  As fate would have it, my mom was watching at this time, and she got drawn into it just as much as I was.   My dad soon followed suit, not being able to read his book while the show was on because it draws you in.

We filled them in on bits of backstory here and there as the show went on, and we got to the twisty turny election year of season 5, where a lot of of the plot threads that have been building since the show first started come together, and we just started binging, four episodes a night for almost a week until we just finished up season 5 tonight.

The downside of this, of course, is now we’re just like the rest of the Scandal fans, eagerly awaiting Season 6, which premieres on January 19, and now will have to watch, week by week to get our fix.   Well, at least my mom can go back and watch the first 3 and a half seasons of the show to get a binge fix, my girlfriend and I, aren’t so lucky.

If you haven’t watched the show yet, and love some great dialogue, amazing acting, and more plot twists and backstabbings than an M. Night Shyamalan version of Julius Caesar, you should start watching Scandal.  Just don’t blame me when you get hooked, blame Shonda.  mv5bmji1mtyymjcxov5bml5banbnxkftztgwmty4ntm3mdi-_v1_sy1000_cr007501000_al_


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