Thoughts on Sherlock:The Final Problem (Spoilers)


Well guys, it’s that time again, another season of Sherlock in the books, possibly the last one ever, judging from how Moffatt and Gatiss ended this last chapter into the lives of our favorite Baker Street boys, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.   And I for one really enjoyed this last chapter, much more than I did the concluding chapter of the last season for sure.

In this chapter we pick up where we left off last week, with John’s psychiatrist revealing herself to be in fact the one behind a good portion of John and Sherlock’s problems as of late, the missing Holmes, Eurus (Sian Brooke)  After a great sequence which my girlfriend and I were wondering if it was a dream or not of screwing around with Mycroft’s mind in order to reveal the truth about their sister, we’re off to a hybrid of Arkham Asylum and Marvel’s The Vault, an island prison where they keep the worst of the worst criminals and psychopaths, so of course this is the hole where Mycroft put their psychotic sibling and threw away the hole.

Soon after Holmes meets his sister again face to face for the first time in years, as he wonders why he can’t remember her at all, the plot really kicks into motion, as from her clear plastic supervillain prison she, along with planning tips from the late, great Jim Moriarty, complete with more posthumous video clips than Tupac, she puts Sherlock and Company through a series of Saw like puzzles designed to test Sherlocks intellect and shake them to their very core.

That’s enough of a summary to get you hooked, if you haven’t seen it yet.  Going to be discussing heavy spoilers from here on out, in no particular order, so beware if you haven’t seen it yet.

5 Things I loved about this episode.

  1. Moriarty’s Epic Return- He’s still dead unfortunately, damn realism of the show, but thanks to flashbacks and dream sequences before he’s popped up in quite a bit more of Sherlock’s adventures as of late then Sherlock would like, but this one is the grandest of all entrances, coming off a helicopter to the island asylum/prison, blasting Queen’s “I Want To Break Free”  It was a rock star entrance fit only for the rock star prince of crime, loved it, both my girlfriend and I cheered as our favorite villain returned, for the last time.

2. The callbacks- There was a lot of callbacks and plot reveals about Sherlock Holmes childhood, things that were long hinted at were finally all put together in this episode, Redbeard was not a childhood dog, but rather Sherlock’s best friend that Eurus drowned as a child in a fit of jealousy for not getting to play with her brother.   And the tying in of the water metaphor that has come up repeatedly throughout the series run, and a great tie in to a first season line from Lestrade near the end, “Sherlock isn’t a great man, even better, he’s a good one.”

3. Danger Zone-  One of the things I hate most in fiction is when you know for certain that your heroes will escape whatver predicament they are in, because they are the main characters and as such cannot and will not get hurt, killed, or worse in their adventures.  I’ll forgive it at times, but I like it when you really don’t know for certain if everyone will make it out okay, and this episode really felt like anyone could get killed off here, like Doctor Who writer hat Moffat was taking over of Sherlock writer Moffat for a bit, nobody was safe this time.  Or it didn’t feel safe at least.

4.  The mind palace- It’s been a staple of the show since the beginning, but I love to see Sherlock solve these little puzzles on the way to the big puzzle,  how they visually show his deduction process is a thing of beauty.

5.  The End…?   It really felt like a series wrapup in this episode, all the loose ends are tied with a bow ( and a violin), and the Sherlock stories end the only way they can end, with two grumpy men arguing in a flat, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, where they always will be.    If this is the end, it was a fitting end to one of the greatest versions of Sherlock Holmes in all of his two centuries of mystery solving,  I for one hope that there’s more.  We’ll wait if they’re too busy now being in demand actors and such now and working for Marvel, but we’ll always wait for more.  4 seasons in 7 years…12 episodes all together.

No one has come out and said, it’s over, but the thank you tweet from BBC after the episode aired in Britain really feels like a goodbye to me, a “thank you for joining us for Sherlock“, doesn’t sound like a thanks for this season, it’s like, thanks for watching for the past seven years.       Only time will tell however if this is the end, but I wish they weren’t so vague with it.     I guess there’s still…Elementary…if you still need to get a modernized Sherlock Holmes fix…I guess…It’s not ever going to be anywhere near as good as this Sherlock was though.



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