Logan-Final Trailer Breakdown


Earlier today Fox put the new, and final Logan trailer according to them at least.  It should be the final trailer, seeing as we’re only less than two months away from the film’s release, but Fox hasn’t always been so subtle in their marketing attempts in the past.  Seems they’ve taken a lesson from other movies that sometimes less is more when it comes to hyping people up for a movie release.  As always I’m here to break it down and let you know what made this particular movie/comic geek geek out over.  But first, if you haven’t seen it, here’s the trailer.



This is a really well done trailer, just like the last one, it shows us some action and some character moments without revealing too much of the reasons for things.  I liked the ‘Stranger Things‘ esque opening with Laura/X-23 (Dafne Keen) attempting to shoplift some much needed snacks and things at a gas station on the run, before the clerk stops her, and then she goes full on Berzerker rage and the claws come out, literally.

I also really geeked out over the X-Men comic book that she had on her person.  It’s made up to look like one of the older 60’s ones it seems from the cover, but it features Wolverine and the movieverse team in there, with the exception that they’re in their classic costumes, including Wolverine in the yellow spandex.   Now, whether we’ll see the suit in live action is a different story, as he says in the trailer that “that’s not how things really happened.”

Even more than what they show in the trailer, it’s what they don’t show that really excites me, the setup to the plot is mostly unknown, other than what they’ve told us.  I’m hoping that Mr. Sinister is in the movie after all, because how are you going to set up Sinister by dropping the Essex Corporation name in the post credits of X-Men:Apocalypse and not follow through with that.  (Nathanial Essex is the secret identity of Mr. Sinister, for those of you not as versed in comic book lore.)

I’m really looking forward to seeing this movie, and seeing where the X-franchise goes from here.  I know that The New Mutants film is still in the works, and of course Deadpool 2, but what happens to Wolverine after this movie is the mystery?  If it’s the last one, for Hugh Jackman at least, then this is the way to go.  I can’t even call it an Old Man Logan adaptation anymore, as the only connection is that Wolverine is older in this one, but the rest of the plot is totally different it seems.

What moments excited you in this trailer, and what’s your favorite of the X-Men movies?  Leave some comments and let’s get geeky with it.


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