The Road To Wrestlemania Part 1: Seth Rollins vs Triple H


Alright, wrestling fans, we are officially on the Road to Wrestlemania.   A.K.A. the best time, if not second best time (post Wrestlemania week) to be a WWE fan.  This is when all the stops get thrown out and we get the biggest show of the year.     It kicked off rather uneventfully at the Royal Rumble event this past Sunday, but what really got my interest up was the recent buildup to the long awaited Seth Rollins vs. Triple H match which was allegedly going to go down at last year’s Wrestlemania before Seth got injured and all those plans had to change.

It’s a match we’ve known was coming for years now, it’s almost like a part in an adaptation to a popular series that the fans have known about for years now and just now other people are starting to get in on it, this match with The Game, Triple H, and his one time protege, The Architect, Seth Rollins.

I wonder how it would have gone down had it happened when it was planned to, but then the injury happened, and we all figured that, much like Triple H himself, though he was the best heel in the company when he got injured, his return to the squared circle would herald a new face turn like what happened back in 2001 for Hunter, but management wasn’t ready to pull that trigger yet, and Seth returned to his heelish ways like nothing had ever happened.  I’d imagine it’d have stayed that way a bit longer too, if not for Finn Balor’s injury in their title match at Summerslam, which put a big monkey wrench in their long term plans for the character.  So, they sow the seeds for this match and for Rollins’ face turn by having Triple H come out in the middle of the fatal four way match to determine the new champ on Raw back in August.


But even then they never really turned him full face, he was still whiny Seth Rollins, they didn’t give us a reason to cheer for him.  We respect his in ring ability, so he was basically a good guy now by default, but still without any real change to the character.

The whole thing felt kind of drawn out, he’d call out for Triple H to make his presence known from time to time, but nothing would ever come of it.  Until this past weekend at the NXT Takeover show.


He demanded Triple H show up in the ring or he’d take the whole show over.  This time, Triple H did come out, but still no direct confrontation, it’s still building up to that moment, and my anticipation for this match is growing.

Then last night,  on Raw, we get Seth confronting Stephanie in the middle of the ring, and we get some of Seth’s best promo work in a while.  There was a line in there about how he wanted to take out Triple H, anywhere, any time, including a chilling line about what would happen if he just showed up at the McMahon house and one of their children answered the door.   Not very good guy like at all, but Rollins has always been more of an antihero then a true John Cena style good guy.        It worked, as Stephanie revealed to the audience that Triple H is on his way to the arena and is coming for Seth Rollins personally.

At the end of the show, Triple H comes out, and delivers a great promo as only Triple H can, about how Rollins was just wasted potential, and how he’s trying to be a changed man these days, which is why we haven’t seen him out there in months, how he puts on a suit and tie every day because he doesn’t want to be ‘that guy’ anymore, but if Rollins wants ‘that guy’ he’ll give it to him.   Rollins comes out to the ring, ready for a fight, we’re all going to see the first shot fired in this war, and we’re all on the edge of our seats.    But we’re not going to get that lucky tonight.  No, we’re getting even luckier, as Samoa Joe, wrestling legend and NXT star shows up out of nowhere and starts to attack Rollins.

This was the surprise, the mark out moment I was looking forward to seeing at the Royal Rumble, something totally out of left field but that makes perfect sense when you put all the pieces together.    So, before we get the Rollins vs Triple H match at Mania, we have it seems Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe at the next Raw ppv, Fastlane, and I imagine a few Samoa Joe squash matches along the way on Raw til then too.


Sure, they also announced that (surprise surprise) we get Goldberg vs. Lesnar III at the show too, but at this point nobody cares.  If it was Goldberg vs Undertaker I’d be a little more excited, but it’s a match we’ve seen already, and Lesnar doesn’t look credible anymore against him, unless he turns up the heat and we get a real match out of these two, it’ll be wasted potential, like the Royal Rumble itself was.     All I know is, after Raw last night, I’m officially onboard with this Rollins vs Triple H match, this could blow the roof off the arena.  Let’s just hope it’s a better match then Sting vs Triple H.




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