Reel Geek Review-Resident Evil:The Final Chapter

A friend of mine told me recently that to be the ‘Reel Geek’ doesn’t just involve watching good movies,  so it was with that thought in mind that I subjected myself to seeing Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

I admittedly half liked the first couple of Resident Evil movies, even if they had all but nothing to do with the game except for the zombies, T-Virus, Wesker, Umbrella Corp. and some trappings from the game series, they were kind of fun in a dumb let’s get inebriated and watch a bad movie kind of way.    I stopped seeing them after…the second one I believe was the last one I watched, not counting catching the last few minutes of one of the later ones…(I don’t know which, nor do I really care to figure out which one it was), on deployment in the US Navy a few years back.  It was a bunch of Alice clones fighting a bunch of Weskers.   And I thought to myself, well I’m glad I gave up on this franchise.

So here I am, watching  Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, and other than the opening flashbacks giving you heretofore unknown information about the origin of the computer program The Red Queen  from the first movie, you don’t really get too much more to establish just what the hell is going on in this movie, so we start out and Alice (Milla Jovavich) is unconscious , and she escapes a dragon like thing because…yeah, we have those things now.     She eventually makes her way back to Raccoon City, to the mansion where it all began 10 years ago (in movie time, like 15 years ago for us)  on the direction of The Red Queen (Ever Anderson -the daughter of director Paul W.S. Anderson and Milla Jovovich) in order to get the antivirus which will save the remainder of humanity before The Umbrella Corp can finish their plan.

Along the way she encounters a group of survivors including Ruby Rose (XXX: The Return Of Xander Cage) and Claire Redfield (Ali Larter-Pitch) who had survived the other movies because of movie logic.   Along with being hunted by a clone of Dr. Isaacs (Iain Glen- Game Of Thrones) the leader of Umbrella Corp, they make their way back to where it all started to end this franchise..mercifully.

This movie…was so bad….like there’s no logic to anything, no characters to care about, it’s just…if you liked the other movies in the franchise for some reason, then you’ll like this one, its more of the same.  But for anyone outside of that fandom it’s just a headscratching mess.

There were a few cool action scenes throughout, but without context they’re just kind of cool bits of eye candy, and there’s no context.  They try to lay on some backstory as character development, but that’s about as far as that goes.  The cast just kind of phones it in, though it seems that Iain Glen was having fun with his role at least, so that was kind of enjoyable.    They even ripped off a bit from Robocop near the end of the movie, with Wesker (Shawn Roberts)being under protection from being attacked by Alice and the security measures in the mansion as a part of Umbrella, he gets told he’s fired, and gets killed comically quickly afterward.

I also hate it when movies that take place in dark environments think the best thing to do is go realistic with it and make the onscreen action nigh impossible to see let alone follow.  And like 95% of this movie takes place in dark environments, so I couldn’t even see most of what’s going on.  Probably for budget reasons I’m guessing.

But the worst crime of all is that even though it’s called The Final Chapter, they still leave it open for a potential sequel.  Please. Don’t .  Just stop right now with these things.  Let it die.    People who actually enjoy movies beg of you.  No More.

Final Grade- F

Resident Evil:The Final Chapter is in theaters now.


3 thoughts on “Reel Geek Review-Resident Evil:The Final Chapter

    1. I myself, and I think I mention in the review, I lost interest after the second one. I imagine a fan of the movies who’s seen every one of them might have more fun than I did with it. But it was pretty bad though.


  1. My wife and I had never seen any of the movies previously…but it’s in 3D IMAX so what the heck…we’re in. My God, for us I’m not sure a grade of F is quite low enough. Brutal. How about a grade of NA for Never Again…because yes indeed…they did leave “room” for another one.


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