Wrestling Geek’s Raw Talk 2/13/17

Good evening wrestling fans, Raw just wrapped up for me on the east coast about five minutes ago, no better time to talk about it here at Reel Geek’s Guide.    There was a lot of show tonight, and a lot of filler too, so this time I’m not going to talk about the whole show, just the major moments that happened, because there were a few major moments that happened in tonight’s Raw.  4 Things that you need to know about that happened on Raw tonight.

4. Emmalina debut

For 17 weeks we’ve been seeing teases for the return of Emma, now madeover into I’m a model type called Emmalina.   It’s gone on so long that rumors have spread saying this is a joke among the writers and that we’d never see a payoff for this bit, but sure enough, she came out tonight, looking good as ever, and then said that “we’ve waited so long to see the makeover from Emma to Emmalina, and now we can see the makeover from Emmalina to Emma” and walked to the back.  What the…what?!    Easily the dumbest thing they’ve done in a long time, the writers and such.  I’m sure they’re cracking up at this, meanwhile, they’ve wasted weeks, nay, months of tv time on this.  Anyways, moving on.

3. Samoa Joe-

I should have expected to see him this week on Raw, but seeing as he didn’t come out in the beginning of the show, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Instead, we’re treated to a classic Raw trope, the limo arriving, and who’s inside but Samoa Joe and Triple H.  Joe gives a great interview with Michael Cole, with great lines like “I’m not just going to be like Sami Zayn, happy to be here.  I’m here to hurt people.”  I’m really digging this whole dynamic of Triple H, the Creator, and Samoa Joe, the Destroyer.    That really came into play during Sami Zayn’s post match with Rusev victory (great match btw, glad to see he’s not getting entirely buried)  when he called Joe out, and found out that you don’t just put the name of Samoa Joe in your mouth without putting some ‘respeck’ on it first.  And got himself choked out by the new human submission machine.

2. Festival of Friendship

The bromance between Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho has been going on for months now, culminating in this segment, which very well could be a “This Is Your Life” moment for this new generation.  There were clips all night long reliving the friendship, from the creation of “The List” to the many times that they’ve helped each other out  win matches.  We were treated to a whole bit, with Vegas showgirls and everything, like a real show, with Jericho hosting wearing an insanely goofy Vegas type Trilby hat as he showed Kevin a series of art as gifts he wanted to present Kevin with that were all just a bit out there.

It was here that I realized that Jeri-KO has morphed into a new generation’s Rock and Sock connection, with Y2J playing Mankind to Owens’ The Rock.  The whole bit had me laughing the whole time, including the Gillberg cameo, until it came to the end, when Kevin presented Chris with the gift he had for him, a new List, but this was the List of KO, with just one name on it, Chris…Jericho.

And what happened from there was the most brutal side of Kevin Owens I’ve seen since he debuted in NXT and decimated Sami Zayn.  He’s trashing Jericho all over the place, leading to throwing him headfirst into the glass sign that was made for the Festival Of Friendship.  And it was here that I realized that this segment was likely some kid out there’s Shawn Michaels kicking Marty Janetty through the barbershop window moment.    Great stuff.


  1. Raw Women’s Title Match- Bayley Vs. Charlotte

The main event of the evening was a title rematch, Bayley trying once more to defeat her rival, Charlotte, and claim the Raw Women’s Title for her own.  This was a fantastic match all around, better than all three women’s matches at the Smackdown ppv last night, so good on you Raw, you win that one.  It was a real back and forth affair, neither woman willing to concede to the other.

I love these matches, I love that there are young girls out there now who are just as excited to watch wrestling as the boys are, and that Bayley, Sasha, and even Charlotte are these girls’ Hulk Hogans, their Rocks and Stone Colds.  Who knows what the future may hold for these girls growing up as wrestling fans thanks to matches like these?  It looked like Bayley had Charlotte beat but then we’re treated to an unexpected/unwanted Dana Brooke return, still playing as Charlotte’s lackey, who interfered and nearly cost Bayley the match were it not for Charlotte, hitting Dana with her crutch, and interrupting Charlotte’s Figure 8 leg lock, allowing Bayley the time to hit Charlotte with the Bayley 2 Belly suplex for the win.  What a moment for Bayley, to see her win the big one in the main event of Raw.  The girlhood dream becomes real.  I’d have loved to see this moment more at Wrestlemania, but it was a nice surprise to end off a Raw with.  Even if Charlotte gets the title back at Fastlane, that doesn’t diminish Bayley’s win tonight, she earned that moment, and I look forward to seeing where her career goes from here.

All in all, these four great matches propelled a slightly below average Raw, into a solid C grade from me.  There was so much filler though.  They need to really give New Day something to do, and I hope that Enzo’s promos tonight where written by the writers, so it can be corrected, cause even him and Cass, it just felt off.  Like lazy writing/booking all around, except for these few moments that I just talked about.  Be sure to stay tuned to the site for the Smackdown recap tommorow night after the show goes off the air.







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