Wrestling Geek’s Smack Talk 2/14/17

Happy Valentine’s Day wrestling fans,

The Wrestling Geek back once again to talk about tonight’s Smackdown Live.  This was an overall great show tonight, the Age of Wyatt begins!   But instead of recapping everything, let’s just key in on a few of the bigger deals that happened tonight.   You saw it last night, that’s right, it’s 4 things about Smackdown Live.

4. The Tag Team Division

Tonight’s Smackdown Live saw your Smackdown Tag Team Champs, American Alpha once again defeat now perennial losers, The Ascension.   They could have done something different with this match, showcasing, like they did last week, and a bit during the match at Elimination Chamber, that The Ascension was once and could still be a credible threat to any tag team in the division, which is like…5 other teams…they got jobbed out once more.

Guys and gals in the writers and booking rooms, you’re doing the whole division a disservice by showcasing one or two teams, (Usos and American Alpha) and making the rest look weak.  This benefits nobody.  Even if they eventually put The Revival up from NXT and on Smackdown that’s still one more team in the mix that looks mostly like crap.     We had a Women’s Revolution over the past few years, now we need a Tag Team Revolution.   If you agree tweet me, and WWE  with #TagTeamsMatter, and let’s let the fans do the talking here.

3. Baron Corbin vs. Ambrose at Wrestlemania?

We dealt with some fallout post Elimination Chamber as Dean Ambrose was searching the arena for Baron Corbin, trying to get some revenge after the brutal beatdown Corbin inflicted on him in the Chamber match.  He didn’t find him, but instead ran into James Ellsworth and Carmella, and a match soon was put together by Daniel Bryan for tonight of James Ellsworth vs. Dean Ambrose.  That was a match we didn’t get to see however, as Baron Corbin brutally attacked Ambrose on his way out to the ring, culminating in tossing him onto a table with a generator nearby that exploded on contact.    Which will now setup a feud between the two leading up to Wrestlemania it seems where it will be the two of them for the Intercontinental Title.

This could be a star making moment for Corbin, who’s already gained some mainstream attention with articles in Rolling Stone and the like talking about his greatness.  And he’s gotten a lot better in the past few months since the brand split, and his Talking Smack appearances which have let his character get fleshed out more, which makes his in ring stuff look even better.   I predict a great feud to come in the next month leading up to Wrestlemania.  I look forward to see where they go with this.

2. Naomi-Feel The Glow

Congratulations have to be given out to Naomi for finally winning the Smackdown Women’s Title at Elimination Chamber on Sunday.  I’ve long noticed that she was one of the most athletically gifted women on the roster, and it was wasted in factions and other lesser matches and feuds, but now finally it’s her time to shine, er glow, as it were.  I’m hoping this injury they referred to in tonight’s promo was a kayfabe one, as I hope that she can put a stop to this hot potato of the women’s title that has plagued Smackdown since the brand split.

1. The Age Of Wyatt

In another long overdue move, Bray Wyatt attained the WWE Championship on Sunday.  He entered the arena at the start of the show to cheers from the crowd, and chants of “You Deserve It”, which he totally does.  The man has put in his dues, and lost plenty of matches along the way.  For a while there, a Wyatt feud grew predictable.  He comes out, talks cryptically for a week or two in the odd promo.  Then, he makes his target known, and gets in the head of said target for a bit.  Have the ppv match, where he loses.  It got so predictable.   Thankfully, the age of predictability for Bray Wyatt is over, and his time is now.

Speaking of someone else who keeps saying that their time is now, I could feel some real heel heat from John Cena tonight, when he came out and called the crowd brainwashed for saying that Bray deserved that title.   Typical Cena trying to bury everyone that isn’t him as usual.   AJ Styles came out soon after, which led Daniel Bryan to making tonight’s title rematch a triple threat match.  This was exciting to me, but it also had me nervous.  What if they drop the title to Cena again right now and we’re right back where we started?

It was with this fear in mind that accented the match to me, not that it needed much accenting, as all three men put on a clinic in there.  We even had a Luke Harper appearance, taking out Bray for a bit in the early goings of the match.  All three men looked great tonight.  John Cena even impressed me with hitting almost two Attitude Adjustments in a row on AJ Styles.  In the end though, Bray Wyatt retained his title.

Afterward, Randy Orton came out to the ring, and declared that he would not fight Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania, as Wyatt is the Master, and Orton his servant.  A very Darth Vader/Emperor Palpatine moment here, closed out the show.

At first, I was excited by this ending, it left so much open to how are they getting from here to the match at Wrestlemania, but then Daniel Bryan came out on Talking Smack and said that next week there would be a new number one contender match for the title shot at Wrestlemania.  W…T…F…unless this is just part of the story and we’ve got some twists in store to get us to where we need to be in 7 weeks.  I’m hoping so, but this also makes me very nervous too.    But, I’ve complained about stuff before like the Goldberg match at Survivor Series and that’s turned out mostly fine since then, so I guess we’ll just trust that the writers don’t screw this up.  Oh I’m hoping… please, don’t screw this up.


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