Wrestling Geek’s Raw Talk 2/20/17

When I started doing these Raw recaps a few weeks ago, I started it because I was legit excited at what happened on the show as we build up to Wrestlemania season, and wanted to talk about it with you guys.  And last week as well there was a lot to get excited about.  This week….not so much.   I actually fell asleep in the middle of the show, but I watched the most of it, and I don’t think I missed much in the little nap I took on this snoozer of a show.     As always, there are a few things to discuss, some takeaways from the show, so let’s get into those at least.

4. Cesaro

Seriously, what does this guy need to do to get a push?  Like, sure, he held the tag titles with Sheamus for a few weeks then lost them at the freaking pre-show for the Royal Rumble.  The man is super athletic, has charisma levels over 9000, and still he gets stuck in these midcard matches and pointless feuds.    Give the man something to work with, and feuding with Enzo and Cass isn’t the move.  Enzo and Cass are so over, they can do whatever and still get pops from the crowd.  Cesaro needs to win matches.  I was onboard initially for this Sheamus thing once they did the barroom brawl skit, and thought that was the direction they were going in with these guys, a new school APA, but no, they dropped the ball on Cesaro.   He’s still doing his thing, doing it well, and getting paid to do so, but as a fan I want to see him do better.

3. Bayley

I’ve been a Bayley fan since NXT, and her showstopping matches with Sasha Banks and Charlotte, and I’m super proud of her winning the Raw Women’s Title last week.  It just worries me that, to keep up Charlotte’s PPV win streak up, that they will screw her out of the title at Fastlane, and have her win it back on Raw, to lose it again at Wrestlemania.   We’ve already seen that scenario play out with Sasha, we don’t need to see it done again, because it didn’t work the first time.  At this rate, it’s like they just want Charlotte to become a 16 time champion in two years or so.  Like…just no…stop that.  Bad Raw writers.  Bad.

2. Unnamed Kevin Owens/Samoa Joe/Triple H faction

I knew right from the moment when Mick Foley put Kevin Owens in a match with long time rival Sami Zayn tonight that Samoa Joe would come out and ruin the whole thing, continuing that feud of sorts they started last week, like Stevie Wonder could see this thing coming, how obvious it was.  That’s what the writers of Raw did so well last week, there was misdirection there, we didn’t expect some of what we saw to happen, here, they laid out the plans so clearly that it’s just not even fun to watch, or get excited about this faction of bruisers ready to run roughshod over the WWE.    As of right now it’s actually boring, and that’s what you never want to be in any form of entertainment, especially live tv.

  1. The New Day

TMZ announced earlier today that The New Day would be the “hosts” of Wrestlemania this year.  In other words, the writers don’t have anything for them to do, as has been made very obvious as of late, but still they need them to be on the show a few times because they sell merchandise, because they got themselves over without WWE’s help, but they have nothing for them to do, no match for The New Day, not even as cannon fodder for Braun Strowman in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal match which once again, Stevie Wonder could see that he’s going to win that thing.

Which is really sad, to be so predictable.  I have debates with my friend Gavin all the time about WWE’s quality or lack thereof, and one of his big things is that Kofi needs to be treated better, like he deserves a strong singles run, which I’m not arguing against, he’s a phenomenal athlete.  But The New Day sells so much merch it’s crazy, so I don’t see that happening any time soon.   But they need to give them something to do.  Enough of these half planned out one off matches they’ve been doing as of late with them, with a clever opening promo cut by the guys, they deserve better than what they’re getting right now, and honestly, so do we fans.    It shouldn’t be hard to top this Raw for Smackdown Live tomorrow, where I’ll be back to talk about that too, with hopefully more positive things to say about the show.


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