Reel Geek Review-Fist Fight

Usually I’m up on most movies coming out in Hollywood, but every now and again a movie slips by my radar and I first hear about it on a tv spot.  Such was the case here with Fist Fight, a comedy starring Ice Cube and Charlie Day as two high school teachers who get into a, know.

Charlie Day (It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia) stars as a high school English teacher named Andy Campbell.  He’s a nice guy, and nobody takes him seriously because of this.  It’s the last day of school for the year, and he’s also doubly stressed out because the Superintendent is coming in to do budget cuts interviews and his wife Maggie (JoAnna Garcia Swisher-Reba) is pregnant, and he can’t afford to lose his job.    Some shenanagins happen, and he gets high strung teacher Strickland (Ice Cube) fired, who then challenges him to a fist fight.

The movie is a pretty by the book comedy, one that I almost feel was initially titled Teacher Fight as that’s the hashtag that keeps coming up throughout the film.  And I’d say about 80% of the movie’s jokes land their intended target, and I had a great time watching this movie.  The movie also has a fantastic supporting cast of comedic talent such as Kumail Nanjiani, Tracy Morgan,  Jillian Bell, and great comedic turns from actors who don’t normally do comedy such as Dean Norris and Christina Hendricks.

It’s not a perfect movie of course, one of my main issues with the movie was that it’s basically typecast these two actors into doing the same character types we always see, Ice Cube is angry, and Charlie Day is neurotic, innocent, naive, and in way over his head.   We’ve seen it before from these two, but I will say that the two of them together, and the rest of the cast are all hilarious. I also did like that they worked a few of Ice Cube’s famous lines over the years into this movie, that made me chuckle.  Now, Fist Fight isn’t a movie that I’d suggest you go rush out to the theater to see today, but if you’ve got nothing better to do for an hour and a half or so it’s a great time at the movies.

Final Grade- C+


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