Reel Geek’s Trailer Talk: Alien-Covenant/Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Here we are, first day of March and it feels like spring’s already sprung. I’m not complaining mind you, it just makes it feel like we’re even closer than we are to Summer blockbuster season, my favorite time of year as a movie fan.  And two trailers dropped in the past few hours which are definitely worth talking about, I’m talking of course about the Prometheus sequel/Alien prequel Alien:Covenant and Marvel’s next big thing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.   Let’s get into the trailer talk shall we?

Alien: Covenant

I think I may have been in the minority on Prometheus, I actually liked the movie for what it was, as weird as it was, it wasn’t as terrible as I’d heard, to me anyways.  But even still, this next installment in the franchise looks way better, the Alien prequel that we deserve.

We’ve got a pretty loaded cast here, as we saw in the prequel short The Last Supper that Fox released online a few days ago.  If you missed that, it’s right here.

But yeah, James Franco, Billy Crudup, Danny Mcbride, Katherine Watterston, Michael Fassbender (partially replaying his role from Prometheus), and more.  So the story here is that these people are all couples, sent on a repopulating mission to a distant planet, which I’m guessing is the same planet that Prometheus was set on, and things are quiet there, a little too quiet.  And then we have your classic bits, the facehugger, someone gets infected, and soon enough we have ourselves a Xenomorph on the loose.   This looks like it’s going to be everything we wanted Prometheus to be.  I mean, honestly, myself I’d rather have a proper good Alien sequel with a returning Sigourney Weaver, but they want to do a prequel, so we’ll go check this out on May 19 when it arrives in theaters.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

And just an hour ago we had the latest Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 trailer drop on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  With this movie, they really don’t need to do any trailers, we’re already sold on it, but these trailers do give us something to geek out about and talk and write articles online about, so good on Marvel Studios for doing that.

We get some of the same visual scenes we had in previous trailers, but now we get more of it, as the team stands ready to do battle with some type of alien tentacled monster, some great bits of dialogue from Rocket, such as “Ooh we can raise our prices if we’re two time galaxy savers!” and some hints at the film’s antagonists, which, without reading seem to be the Church of Universal Truth as established in the Adam Warlock comics,  and the golden skinned leader, Her, but we’re not quite there yet in trailer reveals.  The humor still seems to be just as prevalent as in the first one, which is what helped make that first movie the huge hit that it was, turning characters like Groot and Rocket into household names a few years back.

And, right at the end we get our first glimpse of Kurt Russel as Ego The Living Planet, here in full humanoid form, something I wasn’t aware Ego could do, but I’m still working my way through reading the Marvel Universe, at 1978 currently, so maybe there’s something I missed. Also from reading through all of the older Marvel stuff, I’m know officially geeking out over the fact that Mantis is included in the lineup of the team this time around.  She was introduced in the books as an Avenger in the early 1970s and had some very interesting stories in the books, and one hell of a convoluted backstory, which I’m sure will be simplified for the movie.  All I know is, I’m onboard for this next ride, can’t wait to see what the soundtrack looks like.

Well that’s it for trailer talk, what do you guys think of the trailers so far?  Excited, or nah?  Let me know in the comments, and be sure to stay tuned to Reel Geek’s Guide for more trailer coverage and more.


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